Smarter by the day …

With each passing day, Sarah Palin impresses me more and more.

In this interview, she uses complete sentences! With verbs! And nouns! Together!

Seriously, I can’t deal with this person. I just can’t. She is dumb. Like, really dumb. And to people who say, “Hey, she did some good things as governor,” I counter with that fact that, occasionally, blind squirrels find nuts. Really, they do.

Her solution to illigal immigration is, in her words, “simple”—deport them!

How do you report 12 million illegals? “Deport them!”

What about the financial complications? “Deport them!”

The logistics? “Deport them!”

Relations with Mexico? “Deport them!”

Fact: If Sarah Palin looks like Barbara Bush, we’ve never heard of her.

4 thoughts on “Smarter by the day …”

  1. The sad thing about Palin’s followers is most don’t have a clue what Palin believes in or doesn’t believe in.

    Most see her only as a “strong” woman and that’s what these people support.

    Oh, they know she’s pro-life and a conservative, but that’s the depths of the understanding of her.

    I have friends that show support for Palin on their Facebook pages. I ask them why they support her…they tell me because she believes in America.

    WTF does that mean?

    Again, it’s Idiot America in action. We listen to sound bites and read headlines. Then we turn on reruns of American Idol.

    It’s no wonder our politicians have taken advantage of us for so long.

    We’re in sad shape.

  2. I beg to differ. Sarah Palin is a visionary who believes in America and its promise. I’m not exactly sure what she envisions or what she believes that promise to be. But she sure does wink a lot. So that has me convinced.

  3. I get the feeling that Bill O’Reilly thinks that Sarah Palin is a complete idiot. He seems to be quite tough on her, which I’m completely okay with. I like how she very lightly threw that under the rug about Reagan, about how he had tried to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants in the 80’s. Republicans seem to forget that fact about their God Ronald Reagan.

  4. dorf…I wish O’Reilly would have let Palin finish her comment about Reagan. I think she was going to use him as a positive example to follow…then O’Reilly could have hammered her.

    By cutting her off, he let her off the hook. She just had that look on her face like she was clueless as to what really happened.

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