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… is on the passing of Bob Sheppard, the Yankees’ unparalleled PA announcer.

Received an e-mail last night from B.J. Schecter, my editor. Asked if I’d be willing to write something on Sheppard. Thought about being a kid, going to Yankee games and hearing his voice. It meant something to me, in the same way Phil Rizzuto’s did. Different ends of the spectrum, but both soundtracks to my youth.


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  1. I liked the column, but, I don’t care about the “over 1000 games covered”, the reason you can’t name another PA announcer is that you’re a New Yorker. You didn’t grow up with another distinctive PA announcer. Some of us did. Up here in Boston, it’s Sherm Feller. He’s been dead for 16 years and NESN still uses a tape of him saying “Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Fenway Park” in the intro to their Sox broadcasts.

  2. Jeff, Bob Sheppard has always been an important part of our local history/identity. Thanks for helping to bring his attention to a nation-wide audience.

  3. John Ramsay at Dodger Stadium in the 60s…no hype, no theatrics, just a wonderful baritone authority I can still hear. He passed away way too young.

  4. Sherm Feller has been gone for 16 years?? Jesus time is flying by…back on topic, Sheppard was the only thing I’ve ever liked about the Yankees. RIP Bob…well done.

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