Richie Sexson: It’s jingling, baby


One of my readers, Jon Wells, responded to my post about the all-jerk team by asking for the whereabouts of Richie Sexson. I actually have nothing bad or good to say about Sexson, who I interviewed on a couple of occassions sans incident. But I do have a story:

In spring training leading up to the 1998 season, Sexson was a young first baseman trying to stick with the Cleveland Indians. I had to speak with him for Sports Illustrated’s preview issue—he was one of the magazine’s breakout star. We had a nice 10-minute-or-so chat, during which he jingled his testicles the entire time (I never thought he was trying to be a jerk; I figured he was merely a jingler). Anyhow, the interview ended and he stuck out his right hand for me to shake.

Ew—I was young and new on the beat … and I did.

And then I ran to the nearest sink.

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