The magic of YouTube

So tonight a friend of a friend posted this video on YouTube. It is, literally, a doctor inserting a long needle into his festering boil.

I am baffled, and not by the boil. I’ve used YouTube to post videos of my kids, videos of my skydiving, videos from Halloween and videos from Chanukah. I recently posted some great music from New Orleans, and I’ve been trying (and failing) to document the book-writing process.

Never, however, have I felt the need to show the world my privates, my nasal hairs, my poop, my piss or my festering boil. Granted, I don’t have a festering boil. But if I ever do, well, you won’t see it.

4 thoughts on “The magic of YouTube”

  1. I’m surprised the doctor let him videotape that. I tried to have my wife videotape one of my bone marrow biopsies and my doctor said, “No way, Jose.”

    The fear of evidence should there be a mishap.

  2. I think I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate you keeping your privates, nasal hairs, poop & piss to yourself… however I am with Evan…if you (or the wife…hey Catherine) ever get a festering boil…I think this page would get even MORE attention if you documented it.

    ..just a thought…

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