Every so often, we take our kids to McDonald’s. When I say “Every so often” I mean, at most, five times a year. Clearly, the food is unhealthy, greasy crap, made digestible by bright colors and a crack-peddling clown. I’ve even argued with my wife about the Ronald McDonald House—a seemingly good place that, I contend, only exists so a shit-peddling restaurant can look good. Hell, think about it: Millions of Americans made less healthy by eating this crap can’t be wrong.

Anyhow, a friend of mine named Lisa forwarded a Facebook video on the nastiness of McDonald’s. And it stirred me to check out what else is out there.

Hence, the above video—which is gross beyond gross beyond gross.

5 thoughts on “McNasty”

  1. Proud to say I have stopped eating chicken, beef and pork. Those three “industries” and their heinous practices would shock anyone who took the time to see how truly awful they are to animals and the environment.

  2. McDonald’s is good for sausage biscuits and $1 large Cokes. And egg mcmuffins if they’re on sale for $1, too. But other than that, blecch.

  3. I’m not sure there was ever a consensus on the story’s veracity, but it seems unlikely to be true, at least from a poultry processing standpoint. Not only are most all chickens beheaded before processing and the heads discarded, but they are also debeaked early in their life cycle to avoid hurting each other by pecking and poking, which is a natural instinct when they are so crammed together in such a small space. So it’s extremly odd to see what looks like a fully intact fried beak.

    Still, however that piece of “chicken” came to be, perhaps by prank, is beyond disgusting. So is McDonald’s. I’ll stick with the apple pies.

  4. I too am not a fan…
    but I often say.. I do not care why people or companies do good things..only that they do something good.
    Ronald McDonald house provides a much needed service to those families in crisis when a loved one is sick.
    Until another company steps up and provides a similar service to those in need… keep peddling your crack Ron!

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