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Back when I was a kid, my mother had a friend who seemed to average one car accident every six months. There was always a reason—the breaks gave out, the road was too narrow, the other driver wasn’t looking, she was woozy from a doctor visit, etc. Of course, it dawned on me early on that she was simply a fool who couldn’t drive.

Did it ever dawn on her? Probably not.

According to Profootballtalk.com, Terrell Owens thinks it’s unfair that nobody is trying to sign him. “I feel like I have enough talent to be a starter on any team,” he said. “That’s what’s so frustrating.” Owens is driving a car, hitting things repeatedly. He blames the road, the oncoming traffic, the tires. Maybe, just maybe, one day he’ll look back and say, “You know what? I was an anus and it caught up with me.”


Truth is, being an anus almost always catches up with people. Where has Barry Bonds gone? How about Albert Belle? John Rocker? So on and so on. When your talent is peaking, people will put up with your crap. But once you’re just average, or sub-average, it comes to a crashing halt.

Why is nobody signing Owens? Because he’s been a jerk for a looooong time.

2 thoughts on “Terrell Owens”

  1. About the only team that could take him is a team with a Super QB, Favre, Manning, etc.
    Anyone else he will throw under the bus.
    Of course Super QB’s know better than to have TO on their team.

  2. I totally AGREE!!! T.O. is a huge pain in the ass! While he will never admit it to anyone..I do hope one day he sees what a jerk he has been.

    However I still believe he has the capability of scoring everytime he he catches a ball!!
    I say the Giants sign him to an incentive laden contract!!!
    If he delivers..GREAT!!!
    If Not…put him on the curb!!!

    It’s NY.. We love to win! and we have plenty of overpaid jerks who do not win…that T.O.’s ability might actually be welcomed!!!
    Manning’s quiet demeanor will be unsettling to T.O.

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