My Tweet to Sarah Palin: BteMe


Sarah Palin from Alaska is angry about plans to build a community center and mosque near the site of the 9/11 terror attack. She Tweeted about it the other day, writing: “Peace-seeking Muslims, pls understand, Ground Zero mosque is UNNECESSARY provocation; it stabs hearts. Pls reject it in interest of healing.”

She also asked “peaceful New Yorkers” to “pls refute the Ground Zero mosque plan if you believe catastrophic pain caused @ Twin Towers site is too raw, too real.”

First, “refute” is incorrect. But whatever—she’s a moron.

As a New Yorker, I continue to loathe politicians who use 9/11 as a political tool. You know what, I was living in Manhattan when the planes hit. I saw the second jet flying toward the building; smelled the burning rubble from my apartment for weeks after the tragedy took place. I’m not saying such an experience gives me ownership of 9/11, but it makes it personal. Walking past the Missing Person signs all over the city. Volunteering to pass out brochures and distribute food to the volunteers. Hearing the grief; the disbelief.

This has nothing to do with Sarah Palin, and even less to do with a mosque being built two blocks away from the site. Were we talking about a church or synagogue, Sarah Palin wouldn’t say shit. But she is, come day’s end, a bigot. A frightening, holier-than-thou religious bigot.

Man, I loathe this woman.

I absolutely, positively, 100% loathe her.

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  1. Jeff, I hate Sarah Palin for all the reasons that you do. But on this, I have to agree with the moron. I consider myself an intelligent, educated man and I have many Muslim friends. There is little in Islam that is comparable to the dribble cited by the monsters who commit terrorist acts. But the awful truth is that those acts are committed in the name of Islam. I hate the use of the phrase “…then the terrorists win” but in this case, isn’t it a valid argument? If a mosque is built on the site where Muslim extremists killed 3000 Americans, then frankly, sadly, the terrorists can claim a victory. We should not let that happen.
    I would have absolutely no objection to a mosque being built anywhere else in the city, state or country. Build one a block away from Ground Zero. Build one anywhere you’d like. But to build one on that spot would give an unnecessary victory to the terrorists who attacked us. I’m having a hard time understanding why our friends in the Muslim community don’t recognize that and offer to worship down the street.

  2. #2, exactly the opposite. if we give in to these fears and keep this mosque from being built we will lose sight of one of the great ideals of this country – the right to religious freedom.

    THEN the terrorists will have won.

  3. So let me get this straight — a group of fanatical, radical Muslims attack the US, and therefore, no mosques can be built within a certain radius of the World Trade Center site?

    I seem to recall a number of people repeating the mantra that “terrorists hate our freedom”, which it seems is available to only certain people under Mrs. Palin’s view. Wait a minute, if Sarah Palin hates our freedom, does that make Sarah Palin a terrorist?

  4. this clown probably didnt even know what the world trade center was before 9/11. what a fuckin joke and an insult to anything that deals with new york and 9/11. she should just stick to worrying about the “real americans” and leave new yorkers alone. she can go fuck herself.

  5. and i wonder if there were no white businesses able to build stores and white religions that couldnt build churches around the oklahoma city fbi building.

  6. The whole issue is a stupid tempest in a teapot. The muslims had to know that putting a mosque there, of all places, would stir up the rabble-rousing yahoos who brought us the Patriot Act and the Iraq War (and they have reacted accordingly).

    Sarah Palin may not be the Bard of Avon, but if Shakespeare can invent “incarnadine,” I suppose we can spot her “refudiate.” Unless I am misunderestimating her.

  7. PBterian, I hardly consider myself a rabble-rouser or a yahoo or a fan of the Patriot Act or the Iraq War.

    And Michael, that’s a fantastic counterpoint. You’ve weakened my argument, though I do still feel the same way.

  8. Two blocks away meaning not in the WTC complex? If it’s two blocks away and totally separate, then by all means build it. In fact, if that’s the case there shouldn’t be any uproar at all and this is just some Republican race-baiting bs. But if it’s where any of the complex once stood, then my opinion remains.

  9. I hate imbeciles like Palin who play on religous fears. People who use phrasing like “the Muslims…” are clearly trying to show us that THEY are totally different from US. Well guess what Sarah, I’m a pro-life practicing Catholic and I’d vote for Gene Simmons before I’d vote for you. I don’t agree with Obama on every single issue, but his push for universal healthcare, despite all the lies and half-truths being spread by the Tea Party and their allies, is incredibly admirable and shows me that he is intent upon moving us into the 21st century and finally providing all Americans with what should be recognized by everyone as a human right: healthcare. Good luck on this endeavor, Mr. President, and please God don’t let Palin and her zombies take us back to the Dark Ages.

  10. The space near ground zero should be reserved for real ‘muricans that love NASCAR, believe in Jeezus & support our milluhterry!

  11. Muhammad Goldstein

    [13] Hahah, BOO-Yah!

    Palin and all the others who always ask “peace-loving Muslims” to refute “terrorism” are incedibly bigoted. As a good Egyptian friend of mine put it, he wants to start asking white-Christians to “refute indiscriminate bombing of civilians in the Middle East”.

  12. Jeff,

    I think Sarah Palin is a nutcase. If she actually gets the nomination for the 2012 elections I will vomit. With that said – I don’t see anything wrong with the mosque being put near the WTC site. We live in a free country, with freedom of religion, this should be allowed. I guess my question is: Would an Evangelical Christian church (or Hindu temple or Synogague) and community center be given the freedom to be built in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, within two blocks of Masjid al-Haram? Not a chance in hell.

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