Poll: The best coffee shops in your neck of the woods


Having written about the fabulous Freight House Cafe, started wondering about other prime spots. Can everyone please comment on the best coffee-esque cafes in your areas.

The rules:

A. Can’t be Starbucks.

B. Really, it can’t be Starbucks.

C. No Starbucks.

I’m a fan of comfort. And quiet. And good eats and original drinks. As I sit here in a Starbucks right now, I’m already missing the Freight House. The music is too loud, the chairs are uncomfortable and half the people are blabbering away on their cell phones. Plus, I just paid $1 for a banana.

13 thoughts on “Poll: The best coffee shops in your neck of the woods”

  1. 1) Black Cow Coffee Co in Croton on Hudson is great, which might be close to you.

    2) Not to take you away from Donna’s place in Mahopac, but Brooklyn Coffee House on route 6 is great too. Who would of thought 2 great coffee places in Mahopac!

    Both on FB of course.

  2. I was so wrapped up in my own 15 minutes of fame…I forgot about Brooklyn Coffee House…also wonderful. I spend my Sunday mornings there 🙂

  3. The Gypsy Den in Costa Mesa, Calif., and the Library in Long Beach, Calif. Both have great coffee, comfortable seating. Great places to read, write and watch people.

  4. R&R Coffee Cafe in Black Forest Colorado. Way off the beaten path, but a great place with all the amenities Jeff described in his original post. BTW Jeff, here I go again driving up your page count. You now owe me TWO signed Sal Fasano bats! 🙂

  5. Bennett’s Fresh Roast in Fort Myers. They roast their own beans and make they’re own yeast donuts. And they make a great breakfast strata. Fantastic. I even had civet coffee there (not something they serve regularly).

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