Friggin’ Sears

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Brought my mower to Sears FIVE weeks ago for a repair. Still haven’t heard back. Tried calling two times today, only to get an endless ring.

Went online to their E-Service Department. Here’s what happened …

Dear Customer, please wait while we connect you to a Blue Crew member to assist you.
You have been connected to Keith Blackwell.
Keith Blackwell: Thank you for choosing Sears. My name is Keith. How may I assist you?
Jeff: keith, i need your help.
Keith Blackwell: Hello, Jeff.
Keith Blackwell: Let me see what I can do to help you today.
Keith Blackwell: How may I help you?
Jeff: i brought my mower in for a repair at the yonkers sears FIVE weeks ago. they told me it’d be fixed in 2-3 weeks. i’ve never heard back. i call and call and NOBODY (literally, nobody) answers the telephone. I’ve tried all different Sears numbers, and i keep getting blown off, pushed to the next number. All I want to know is if my friggin’ mower is fixed.
Jeff: and i don’t wanna have to drive 40 minutes to the store to check.
Jeff: somebody should be able to tell me. it’s not too much to ask.
Jeff: and i’m pissed. not at you, obviously. but i’m pissed.
Keith Blackwell: I’m really sorry to hear that no have assisted you with this information.
Keith Blackwell: Please accept my sincere apologies for this inconvenience.
Keith Blackwell: Let me check and help you with that information.
Keith Blackwell: May I have your phone number beginning with the area code along with your e-mail address please?
Jeff: honestly, i just want the mower
Jeff: 917-XXX-XXXX
Keith Blackwell: Thank you. Could you please verify your full name and your service address, including city, state and zip code?
Jeff: jeffrey pearlman; 23 XXXX, XXXXX ny 1XXXX
Keith Blackwell: Thank you, Mr. Pearlman.
Keith Blackwell: Will the file be under a different name/
Keith Blackwell: *?
Keith Blackwell: *?
Jeff: no. jeff pearlman. maybe not jeffrey
Keith Blackwell: Okay, will the file be under a alternate phone number?
Jeff: no
Jeff: crap. i don’t even exist, do i?
Jeff: i have the slip in front of me
Keith Blackwell: I certainly understand how frustrating it would be. I’m really sorry, we do not have this information on the file.
Keith Blackwell: I request you to contact the stores where you dropped the mower.
Jeff: i hate sears. i really do.
Jeff: i know it’s not your fault, but you guys have lost my mower, and nobody at the store answers the friggin’ phone.
Jeff: i call and call and call—and n-o-b-o-d-y answers.
Jeff: and now i have to get a babysitter this evening so i can inquire about a mower that might not even be there.
Jeff: ain’t right
Keith Blackwell: I certainly understand your problem, in this case I’ll go ahead and send a message to our Customer Relation Department regarding the issue and they will contact you within 24 hours with a solution.
Keith Blackwell: Do you have an alternate phone number you would like to provide?
Jeff: nope.

Let me just say it: Sears sucks. Sears has always sucked. Well, maybe not always. But certainly dating back to the ’80s, when we had one at the Jefferson Valley Mall. Just a sloppy, cruddy, half-hearted store from a bygone catalogue era.

Man, I’m irked.

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  1. Not the first to say it. Never doubt the wisdom of Bull Durham, especially coming from Larry. Candlesticks ALWAYS make a nice gift, and Sears sucks.

  2. jefferson valley mall! the galleria and danbury KILLED the jv mall. the only good thing about that place was the complete athlete store. i think thats what it was called… thought it was one of the first places that had new era fitted hats lol.

  3. Well, what do u expect from a corporation whose idea of a masterstroke of 21st century business planning was in 2005 to form a strategic alliance with … Kmart.

    “Mr. Pearlman, we’d love to fix your mower, but we can’t figure out how we’re still in business after we bought more than 1,300 Kmarts.”

  4. Jeff, this is what I do. I look up the company’s corporate information on line and then contact the office of the president. When the assistant picks up, explain that you’ve exhausted the options at the bottom and want to start with the top. Tell them you have no qualms going to the better business bureau or writing about it on your blog, for sports illustrated, or for cnn, where she can read your work, and tell her that you need to speak to someone that can help you…now! That’s what I do. I don’t say cnn, etc, but I tailor it to my profession. Start at the top, not the bottom. Trust me.

  5. Mr. Pearlman,
    I’m sorry about your experience and the frustration that arose during your conversation with Mr. Blackwell. I’m sure that it is being handled, if not please feel free to contact me with details and your contact information.

  6. Home depot is right up there also. They just don’t care about the customer. If you must use a big chain, go to Lowes, but if you can, and I know it’s tough in these times, spend the extra and support your local specialist. And Jeff, you are still the Mandingo, even if I was teased for the expression.

  7. Home Depot is definitely “up there”. We recently went there to purchase a mower and could not find anyone to help us. Then, on our way out, some Home Depot salesclerk started harassing us, demanding a receipt! We didn’t even purchase anything! We ended up buying it from Sears out of desperation. At least they didn’t harass us on the way out. I guess I will make a note NOT to go there when the thing breaks.

  8. @jmw:

    Actually K-Mart bought Sears with money that Sears gave it for all their empty buildings. Afterwards, K-Mart proceeded to start running Sears into the ground. I hear that their Craftsman hand tools no longer have lifetime guarantees.

  9. Hate to say it but odds are your lawn mower is now gone . for sears has it either sold or locked up in some dark room never to return. you might as well buy another one too bad you can not bill sears for a replacement.

  10. I had this exact same problem from March-May of this year. Sears had my mower for over two months – for a tuneup. It ended up that they needed some part, and their supplier was having issues getting it for them. Try to find out where the local Sears repair facility is (around Washington DC is in Suburban Maryland), and give them a call. They can be a lot more help than the local Sears or 800-number folks.

  11. incident_man,
    Interesting. I knew Sears bought some Kmart stores, didn’t know they were empty.
    As far as I know Craftsmen Tools still carry a lifetime warranty. A few months ago I took a small, Computer tool sized Phillips Screwdriver back. It was made of plastic, they gave me a new one, no questions asked.

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