Michigan’s Bill Cooper …

adds to the onslaught of absolutely inane, ridiculous political ads.

Hey, at least he’s not from Alabama.

New rule, if you can’t make a competent political advertisement, you shouldn’t be allowed to run.

4 thoughts on “Michigan’s Bill Cooper …”

  1. Is this supposed to inspire fear like the original daisy ad? If so, it is a miserable failure. If it’s supposed to be funny, ditto. If it’s meant to confuse and annoy people though, it will be a huge success.

  2. I’d argue that the average voter is probably not familiar with the “Daisy Ad” and probably wouldn’t get the reference. So there it fails, because it’s just a confusing and nonsensical image for those not in on the joke.

    And if they do get it, they draw the correlation with cheap sensationalism and apply that label to this as well. It’s one thing if it’s satirizing, but then it applies the same type of sensational imagery, just in a different area.

    So nobody’s going to take this seriously.

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