You’re the Nevada Republicans …

… you’ve got Harry Reid on the ropes.

You’re psyched!

You’re on a roll!

You’re gonna win!

Really, you’re gonna win!

And, glub, this is your candidate

If Sharon Angle wins this election, people are officially stupid. No matter how badly people dislike Harry Reid. No matter how mediocre he is. No matter …

5 thoughts on “You’re the Nevada Republicans …”

  1. I live in Reno. You must believe me when I tell you that it is entirely possible that Nevada voters will vote for Angle in order to oust Reid. I have lived here for over thirty years, and each day I am amazed at how proud Nevadans are of their ignorance.

  2. For me, the guy in the hard hat texting while the presser wraps up perfectly illustrates America’s (dying) level of “investigative interest” (let’s call it) in politics because of people like Angle.

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