Not too dry, not too moist

Well before I was boasting about my virginity on TV, well, well before I was talking ’86 Mets or Bonds or being thrashed by Emmitt Smith, I was a 14-year-old kid in a Ft. Lauderdale shopping mall, taking a bagel taste test for someone named Molly Turner.

I still remember sitting in my grandparents’ living room that night, watching the TV, hoping … praying I’d be on. Then, when I flashed across the screen—pure elation!

Bonus points for the Pirates cap.

7 thoughts on “Not too dry, not too moist”

  1. Lender’s were great.

    Molly seemed to intro “the bagel” as if it was some new development to breakfasts everywhere…

  2. First of all, awesome. Well said Jeff. However, Florida water is no good, so their bagels and pizza are weak. But you know that.

    Second of all, the Pirates hat is the hat that could have been. A couple of more shots in rap videos, and the Pirates hat becomes huge. And then of course the funky old school one will make an appearance.

    Flagels are the new bagels.

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