The new Republican candidate for Colorado governor

Tom Tancredo. Looks sorta presidential. Does the stern face well. Ran for president in 2008, serving as the right’s Mike Gravel.

Now he’s running for governor of Colorado.

I know a good number of Republicans, and none would support this freak. However, there are many across the U.S. who hear his “Impeach Obama!” blather and scream “Amen!” So can he do well in a fairly conservative state that somehow went Democrat in 2008?

I’m guessing no.

But crazier things have happened …

Guys like Tancredo and Mitt Romney are the worst type of politicians—professional cadidates. They probably care about some issues, but what they really care about are the gigs. Holding them. Being them. Giving motivational speeches and having people clap and applaud. Say what you want about Fred Thompson, the GOP presidential candidate in ’08, but one never got the feelings he was running simply to have the power of the presidency. Say what you want about Al Gore, but once he lost he never ran again (Apparently, other, ahem, things kept him busy).

For Democrats, Tancredo is the gift that keeps giving—and he’s too dumb to know it.