Brandon Sneed needs your help


Brandon Sneed is a North Carolina-based freelance writer who is in the process of completing his first book, a biography of Anthony (Ant) Atkinson.

He’s a strong writer, strong reporter and, best of all, dogged as all hell (I know this better than anyone—because the dude won’t leave me alone). 🙂

Anyhow, he recently asked people for help deciding on a book cover, which I thought was pretty cool. He gave me the nod to post it here, and asked people to consider going to his Facebook page to offer their insights.

Personally, I like the one on the right. But it’s a tough call.

Much thanks.

6 thoughts on “Brandon Sneed needs your help”

  1. Practically speaking, gotta show the basketball to identify it as the edge of a sports legend. The one on the left is very cool, but possibly for a jazz musician, a track star, a preacher, a basketball player…it’s just hard to figure out who this guy is.

    I say this reluctantly. It appears to me that the quality of the image on the left is far better. It’s a photograph — compared to the one on the right which is well composed but has all the nuance and visual quality of an image captured with a decent cell phone. Airbrush the first one a little and then maybe the choice gets easier?

    Better still: use ’em both. That way people will need to buy two in order to have the full first edition.

  2. Definitely the one with the basketball.

    Especially if he’s trying to sell it as a sports book.

    The one on the left does not say “Sports Book.”

    Plus, the subject’s peekaboo around the basketball lends an air of intrigue.

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