How will I live?


Many people hated my Big Ben column—fair enough.

  • Some seemed to like it—fair enough, too.

One letter writer, however, wins the prize for comment that made me laugh loudest …

P.S. I hope you never ever get an interview from Ben ever again!

6 thoughts on “How will I live?”

  1. Jeff,

    I don’t see how someone wouldn’t like your article on Big Ben. You were just stating the obvious, which is that Ben can’t keep his snake in the cage.

  2. Where you screwed up:
    Good writers look for the interesting angles. A way to make a visual connection.
    You chose the wrong Photograph!
    You came closer here on the blog.
    The QB is the face of the franchise.
    Ben was wearing a shirt with the picture of Satan on the front. That isn’t the face you want on the franchise.
    Sign me,
    Matt C. 😉

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