Is it too much to ask …

… for a mainstream Republican—who isn’t a friggin’ lunatic?!

I mean, for God’s sake. I actually like Mike Huckabee. He seems like a decent man, and while I don’t support 98% of his beliefs, I don’t consider him to be phony or overly ambitious.

But then I watch this, courtesy of Andrew Sullivan and, well, you be the judge …

To review:

Palin—Incompetent fraud nutjob.

Huckabee—Well-intentioned nutjob.

Newt—A legwarmer trying to come back in 2010.

Mitt—Professional candidate and complete phony. If Kerry was a flipflopper, Mitt is an uber-flipflopper.

Jindal—Best of the bunch, I guess.

6 thoughts on “Is it too much to ask …”

  1. Wait…what? Obama is Carter. Okay. This is a stupid statement, but a fairly common one in far-right circles. But then it gets weird. Obama is also ushering in the end of the world? WTF? Was Carter the anti-Christ too? What planet are these people from? They do realize that Carter is an Evangelical Christian, right?

  2. Pawlenty is a name I think that may end up being the guy, had Charlie Crist not been excommunicated from the Republican Party he would have been their best shot.

    Romney won’t survive the GOP purity test. And the rest wont appeal to enough moderates.

    Obama’s not Carter, he’s our Bush.

  3. Yeah, a guy who tries to bring us universal healthcare and end our meaningless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (though not nearly fast enough, imo) is the Democratic equivalent of Bush. If the teabagging lunatics really cared about national debt and spending, they would have been protesting Bush’s waste from day 1. They’re just a bunch of white Republicans bitter that someone “different” is in power. Fuck them. I hope these morons nominate mental midget Palin in 2012, just to guarentee an Obama victory. In fact, I encourage all Democrats to switch parties just to vote for Insane Sarah in the GOP primary.

  4. We are in the end times, but not because of that crap.
    These guys are trying to send the message that the end of the world revolves around American politics.
    God doesn’t care about American politics. A very stupid thought process.
    The bible does indicate that the falling away of the church is an indication of the end. The churches of today have fallen away, and I’m betting those clowns are in such a church.

  5. I really have no time for those who espouse the rapture theory. It indicates a complete lack of understanding when it comes to the Bible, the Book of Revelation, and a host of other things. The idea that all the good WASPs are going to fly away to heaven and leave the rest of us sinners here to suffer the evils of Obam-er-the Antichrist is so infantile and asinine it hardly desrves mention. And yet I just typed a paragraph on it. Damn, maybe we are in the End Times.

  6. I voted for the man, I support his stated agenda, but the realities have not been as pleasing and he is partly to blame for that.

    Like it or not a large segment of the country hates Obama with the exact same laser ferocity that you and I lavished upon Bush. Like Bush I think Obama will overcome that and win a slim re-election and have a middling second term.

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