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… is on Big Ben’s return to Pittsburgh.

I am a son, a husband, a father of a girl. I find this man to be repugnant.

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  1. I find your article about Ben to be a joke.

    You are aware that Goodell himself said that his opinion of the matter in Georgia did not differ from the DA’s findings, which were no probable cause, and no charges, correct?

    You are also aware that Ben has NEVER been charged with a crime. Correct?

    You’re “magazine’s” cover story was nothing more than re-hashing old rumors, opinions, and skewed “facts” of the two cases.

    Do you really think, that if the NFL thought Ben committed rape that A) He would only get six games, and B) Have his team on National television five times in the final 10 weeks after his return?

    Ben was suspended because Goodell gave in to the pressure of black players, and black media members who demanded “Ben be treated like Vick and Pac Man”. And Goodell, who despite saying he didn’t believe Ben committed a crime, did so anyway.

    Go to and listen to the audio CDs, listen to the inconsistent stories from the witnesses, and last but not least, go listen to the accuser’s second day interview.

    Then honestly, you tell me if you think she’s telling the truth.

    You should be fired for saying Ben takes advantage of women when you have no proof. NONE, to back that up. Accusations mean nothing to me. None.

    Or anyone could just say “I heard that Jeff Pearlman raped two 10 year olds in a park last week”.

    See that Jeff? That would be an accusation wouldn’t it?

    Should you be “unemployed and ostracized” now?

  2. I doubt you’ve been in Pittsburgh lately, Jeff, but since these latest allegations, Ben is detested in Pittsburgh. Steeler fans, generally speaking, are not defending him or even supporting him.

    Sure, people will cheer for him on Sundays when he throws a TD pass, but they will be cheering for the uniform, not the person.

    The feeling in the city toward Ben is very, very negative.

  3. Hey Keith, I’m a Pittsburgh native and Steeler fan, and I can’t bring myself to root for this disgusting POS. If the Steelers don’t trade this pig at the end of the season, I may ignore the NFL completely and focus all of my fall/winter rooting interest on Pitt football and basketball and the Penguins. I can’t stand the sight of this fat, entitled pervert.

  4. Why when it comes to writing articles about Pittsburgh teams do you mail it in? That article has been written and recycled so many times, a high schooler can write it.

  5. Jeff, I didn’t follow the Big Ben case as closely as some, but I think Jim nailed my feelings on this.

    What is a person to do when they’ve followed a team for years and then either that team signs someone they think is the scum of the earth or they find that someone they enjoyed rooting for is a POS?

    I detest Michael Vick. I was furious when the Eagles signed him. I hate having to root for him. But there’s guys on the team that I’ve been rooting for years that haven’t run an illegal dog fighting ring. Just like there are other guys Steelers fans have enjoyed rooting for for years and want to continue to cheer for, even if they detest the guy throwing them the ball.

    Between having to ignore the character flaws of athletes on our favorite teams and all the player movement in the age of free agency, we really are just rooting for laundry.

  6. I am a son, a husband, AND a father of a girl. I find this man to be awesome both personally and professionally.

    Here’s a novel idea : Maybe instead of publicly smearing Ben you should concentrate on raising your own daughter to not be like the whores who followed Ben around from bar to bar? I can understand if that’s too much work for you. Its much easier just to vomit up hate and edit it a few times.

    Perhaps you’re just secretly jealous.

    1. John, why do people assume writers are always jealous? even more strange, it’s sports fans who make those claims. i’ve never aspired to be a pro athlete, and certainly don’t now.

  7. You know what’s worse than people like Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Vick, and the rest of the arrogant athletes that think they can get away with anything?

    It’s the fools like Keith that continue to empower them.

    Keith, no Ben wasn’t charged with a crime. But, can you say his behavior–which isn’t being denied by anyone–was acceptable in our society?

  8. The bitch behind the keyboard is the person that runs around anonymously blasting others.

    When Jeff criticizes he doesn’t hide behind “so…” or some other cute tough-guy name.

    Do yourself a favor so…, drink a can of Drain-O.

  9. Mario4Prez-

    You are aware that Mario Lemieux had an accusation against him in 1992 while his fiancee was pregnant, no?

    And like Ben, no charges were filed.

    What’s the next username? NuttingforPrez?

    Get away with what Steve H? You people need to read up on this case before you comment.

    Good day.

  10. The problem this whole case had was media tabloid BS.

    Like I challenged Mr. Pearlman, feel free to go to and listen to the accuser and her friends tape.

    You would have thought they would have at least TRIED to get their stories straight.

  11. The feeling in the city now that the tapes were released, seems to be tilting the other way. Only the people who are convinced that Ben raped this woman despite their being no DNA evidence, medical experts who could not say that they had any sex of any kind remain vocal.

    Pittsburgh sports fans in Pittsburgh are generally bitter, jealous, idiots.

    These same people labeled Kordell gay, Dan Marino a coke head, and Bill Cowher was having an affair with his secretary.

    And as soon as the Pens don’t win another Cup? Crosby or Malkin will be next.

    When one actually reads the entire witness reports, the lack of evidence at the scene and on the accuser’s person, and listens to the audio tapes, you know why he wasn’t charged.

  12. By the way, for any lawyers who may be reading this can you explain what “No probable cause” means in any criminal investigation, much less a rape case?

    Thank You-

  13. “No probable cause” means pretty much what it says. Not that the accused is necessarily innocent, but that there isn’t enough evidence to charge him/her.

    Question from those of us at work: What is it about those tapes that makes the woman less credible? I read the original transcript at Smoking Gun. It seemed every moment of the night was well-documented except for the five minutes in the bathroom, which I thought odd.

    Keep in mind that this is what frequently happens in any case. A lot of evidence professors perform an experiment in which, out of nowhere, someone runs in the classroom and does something. Then the evidence professor has all the students write what they saw. The difference in observations is typically startling, from shirt color, skin color, action, etc., etc.

    Even the best eyewitness testimony, in other words, is bound to include inconsistencies, either because of the limitations of the human mind, the difference of perspective, etc., etc. Psychologists have written about the topic extensively, actually.

    Now throw in some alcohol – lots of alcohol – and this is the unsurprising result. Doesn’t mean anyone is lying.

  14. “Question from those of us at work: What is it about those tapes that makes the woman less credible”

    The accuser somehow remembers every little detail, but yet couldn’t remember what “position” they were in when she was supposedly being raped.

    She also claimed that she couldn’t recall the type of boxers/briefs Ben was wearing because, get this, she claims he had his junk out OVER his zipped jeans.

    She also said during the first interview that “I said I had to go to the bathroom, I said lets go to the bathroom, so I went to the bathroom”. But in the second interview she claims that she only got to the bathroom by accident, to get away from Ben.

    So which is it?

    But what really kills her (and her witness’) credibility is that they can’t keep their stories straight. Her key witness gave THREE DIFFERENT versions of how the woman got to the back area, and two different versions of how her demeanor was when she got there.

    They both also claimed Ben “early on” had a short temper, but that didn’t stop them from taking pictures with him all night or the accuser pinching his ass and following him from club to club.

    When you listen to the accuser’s audio, you get the impression that she was making it up as they went along. It’s hilarious.

    Key witness: “We had heard that maybe Ben was going to be out that night”

    Accuser when asked if they had heard Ben may be out that night: “No, nothing like that”

    Again, which is it?

    What’s also odd, is that the accuser supposedly sent out 30 text messages in an hour from the time they saw Ben, but yet, the GBI didn’t release those text messages to the public like they did a few of Ben’s to some friends earlier in the evening.

    Why? Could it be that it proves that she and her friends were FOS?

    Add all that to the fact that A) The rape kit taken the same night of the accusation was negative B) No Ben DNA was found in the victim (Ben denied sexual intercourse took place) and C) Medical experts that same night could not determine that intercourse of any kind took place.

    Then you see why he wasn’t charged.

    Also, another fact that goes mostly un-reported: The accuser and her family stopped talking to police after the police requested DNA samples from inside her mouth. Gee, I wonder why?

    If this wasn’t a two time SB winning QB this “investigation” would have been concluded in 2 weeks.

    But DA Bright and the GBI miled their 15 minutes of fame for what it was, and in the process Ben was raked over the coals based on half truths printed in the media, rumors, and media who “demanded” Ben be “treated like Vick and Pac Man”.

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