Mark Brunell


This won’t matter much to people who don’t care about the Jets, but yestreday the team signed Mark Brunell as Mark Sanchez’s backup.

Great move.

As one of the many who has cringed whenever Kellen Clemens entered a game, I can say this is an enormous upgrade. Even if Brunell is 108. Even if Brunell has switched to throwing righty. Even if Brunell hasn’t started a game since, egad, 2006. Most great teams with young-ish starting quarterbacks have a guy in the wings who looks like Dennis Qaid in Any Given Sunday. You wouldn’t want him out there all the time, because, well, the bones of older people break easier. But he has enough experience to pull out a last-second miracle, he’s unafraid to dispense wisdom and he doesn’t mind holding a clipboard.

Nice job, Jets.

5 thoughts on “Mark Brunell”

  1. He can definitely teach young Mark. Not sure I love him as an on-the-field QB but it’s a great locker-room addition for a team that will have a million competing egos next yr.

  2. Mark Brunell last started a game on January 3, 2010 as QB of the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints. (Nevermind the fact that it was a meaningless game in which the Saints lost 23-10 to the Panthers with Brunell going 15 of 29 for 102 yards and a pick.) The Saints lost a great backup in Brunell.

  3. And Brunell didn’t keep us all in suspense like another guy who played quarterback for Green Bay in the early to mid-’90s.

    Is he the last active NFL player off Washington’s 1991 co-national championship team? How many players are still left from when the NFL still had 28 teams?

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