Some players aren’t meant for New York


And Lance Berkman is one of them.

I profiled Lance for SI years ago, and truly enjoyed him. He’s an off-the-charts right-winger, which isn’t my cup. But the guy also has authenticity, and decency, and—I feel 100% confident in saying—never used steroids. He’s a Texas kid who attended Rice, then went on to star for the hometown ballclub, the Astros.

So, again, some players aren’t meant for New York. Berkman is an excellent addition—still enough pop in his bat to make a difference; a tremendous clubhouse guy who won’t complain if he’s out of the lineup for a few days. But he doesn’t belong in a big nothern city. He’s a country dude; a Texan through and through.

That said, I hope it goes well.

I really do.

31 thoughts on “Some players aren’t meant for New York”

  1. If Andy Pettitte, who is by all accounts the nicest, mild-mannered, god-fearing ballplayer around, used HGH, can you really vouch for anyone w/ PEDs? I’m not saying this as a knock on your judgment or on Pettitte, but I think we’re passed the point where we can safely say someone didn’t use PEDs because of their outstanding character.

    Also, as long as A-Rod doesn’t hit HR #600, no one will care about Lance.

  2. Speaking of Andy Pettitte, that noted country dude, Texan, and evangelical Christian has been able to get by in New York just fine.

  3. Andy Pettitte is about as country as you can get yet he has done VERY WELL in NY! With that said, don’t you feel as though your whole little piece here sounds stupid!!

  4. Man, I love waking up on a Saturday morning to a dumb Pearlman column. I’m gonna go cut the yard now, that’s a bit more mentally stimulating.

  5. Jeff, what a classless a__clown you are- implying that a conservative can’t play in NY. The ego of you and all other spineless libs out there is hilarious. You truly have no idea what makes America great, how a belief in God created the fabric of our Constitution. I hope Berkman wins the damn MVP award to spite your sorry a__, you P.O.S.

  6. As a Houstonian and someone who is in Manhattan regularly – that post is about the most asinine thing I have read in some time. Whether Berkman fails or not – it certainly won’t have anything to do with the “big city”. Berkman is a true pro and will undoubtably help the Yankess although he won’t chooseto live there

  7. Whoever “B” is…I believe you absolutely sound like a hypocrite. You go on and on about God and call Jeff an a**clown and a P.O.S…like that somehow means you are not using curse words. Look at yourself, please.

  8. Sure glad us folks out here in “fly-over” land know how to read. It would be a shame to miss out on insights like these. This kind of ethnocentrism has no place in today’s journalism.

  9. You must not know that Lance Berkman is the most media savvy guy there is, I guess you’ll find out. And I guess Andy Pettite doesn’t belong either. Think before you post something so dumb. Maybe you don’t belong in New York.

  10. This post made me sad for all the reasons occasionally expressed without vitriol above.

    “The ego of you and all other spineless libs out there is hilarious. You truly have no idea what makes America great, how a belief in God created the fabric of our Constitution.”

    This made me sadder.

  11. Reading comprehension is not the strongest around here, is it?

    All Jeff was saying is the Lance is as Texas as they come. He BELONGS in Texas, not New York. He’s not wishing him ill, but rather saying he’s not meant for the big city.

    1. THANK YOU, Joe!!! I’m shocked by these comments. That’s all I was trying to say—that it’s a shame he’s leaving Houston, because he’s a born-and-bred Texan who should play his whole career in the Lonestar State. Nothing more. Geez.

  12. Yeah, how many people here have NEVER heard ‘this guy cannot play in New York or Boston’ ?
    It has nothing to do with being conservative or liberal (most athletes are the latter)

    Apparently, B is a conservative who doesn’t like swearing and cannot say the words a_ _hole.
    So, to quote IN THE LOOP: “I know you disapprove of swearing so I’ll sort that out. You are a boring F, star, star, CUNT!”

  13. …and the video clip for B attached…

    Way to sound like a blowhard using the code words that people use against liberals being “spineless” and turning something into nothing, knowing the ‘fabrics’ of shit and shit. Very flowery and cliche.

  14. Most athletes being liberal? Really? I’m pretty sure that before the last presidential election in 2008, SI did a major poll of athletes and the majority were conservative.

  15. Wow. Everyone seems to have really missed the point of this article. I don’t think Jeff was saying Berkman wouldnt be able to play in New York because he is conservative. I think he is saying someone who is a born and bred Texan might not enjoy the Big City.

    If Jeff was talking about a born and bred New Yorker not fitting in to Texas I doubt he would have received such asinine responses. Are people really getting this worked up because a journalist gave his opinion on his own blog?

  16. Unfortunately there’s a group of loons out there right now – some on both sides, but more on the hard right – who think everyone is entitled to their opinion (and only their opinion). Looks like this was linked on a website somewhere and the usual pack of nuts attacked. If Jeff posted a chicken salad recipe that someone decided seemed “liberal”, it would get the same insane reaction.

  17. And some of you prove the point you all thought Jeff was trying to make…you hicks really are stupid.

    And, God is dead.

    1. len, my response was the post titled “Dumb,” which you can see on the blog. Wasn’t saying he can’t make it in NY–just that it’s sad to see a guy who oozes texas leave the state. that’s all.

  18. I have no problem with that opinion. But I do have a problem with this headline “Some players aren’t meant for New York.” It doesn’t imply exactly what you are saying, it just draws you in.

  19. Well, give him some time to ajust in NY! I fell bad for him but he dose fit because it’s the bat that the Yankees need! Don’t you argee?

  20. Jeff- How do you like Lance after his performance last night in game 2 of the ALDS? The guy has talent, and that is what defines who succeeds. His political beliefs or the fact that he is not from NY aren’t a factor. Mantle was from Oklahoma, and was not a political progressive, but I seem to remember that he did just fine in the big city.

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