Some players aren’t meant for New York


And Lance Berkman is one of them.

I profiled Lance for SI years ago, and truly enjoyed him. He’s an off-the-charts right-winger, which isn’t my cup. But the guy also has authenticity, and decency, and—I feel 100% confident in saying—never used steroids. He’s a Texas kid who attended Rice, then went on to star for the hometown ballclub, the Astros.

So, again, some players aren’t meant for New York. Berkman is an excellent addition—still enough pop in his bat to make a difference; a tremendous clubhouse guy who won’t complain if he’s out of the lineup for a few days. But he doesn’t belong in a big nothern city. He’s a country dude; a Texan through and through.

That said, I hope it goes well.

I really do.