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Sometimes the comments on this blog shock me. Then I’ll go back, re-read what I wrote and think, “Oh, they’re right. That didn’t sound as it was supposed to.”

Not this time.

My last post, titled “Some players aren’t meant for New York,” concerned Lance Berkman and his move to the Yankees. If you read the post, I think it’s pretty obvious what I’m saying: That Berkman is a Texas-born, Texas-bred player, and the move to the Big Apple just doesn’t seem right. Not that he can’t perform here or won’t perform here, but that he’ll just look … wrong in a Yankee uniform. As Cal Ripken would have. As Jim Rice would have. As an endless number of players would have.

As I noted, Berkman is a terrific guy, and I wish he’d played his entire career with the Astros. I think he probably feels that way, too. But it wasn’t meant to be. Alas.

As for the myriad comments: My guess is that some dolt Texas-based blogger took my works and either deliberately placed them out of context or just failed to understand. Then, y’all responded with the anti-Yankee anger that seems to infect the south/southwest any time there’s a feeling that northerners are thumbing their noses your way.

And I do thumb my nose at Texas. For Rick (Let’s Secede) Perry, the most heinous governor I’ve ever seen. For Tom DeLay. For W. For America’s worst environmental record (try breathing in Houston) and an if-we-say-it’s-true-it’s-true approach to education that involves stuffing text books with as many Biblical and right-wing philosophies as humanly possible.

But Berkman—I love Lance Berkman. A great guy.

PS: Perhaps my favorite all-time comment: Jeff, what a classless a__clown you are- implying that a conservative can’t play in NY. The ego of you and all other spineless libs out there is hilarious. You truly have no idea what makes America great, how a belief in God created the fabric of our Constitution. I hope Berkman wins the damn MVP award to spite your sorry a__, you P.O.S.

Nothing worse than missing your own irony.