The strangest T-shirt ever?


Randomly stumbled upon this site today, which offers a T-shirt of A-Rod’s body attached to a horse.

I’m actually not 100-percent sure how one interprets this: Is Rodriguez a baseball stallion, or a mule?

Speaking of T-shirts, in preparation for our upcoming trip I purged through my closet and dresser. Painful. Back in the day, especially when I was in my late teens and early 20s, I was a big collector of sports jerseys. It had nothing to do with individual players, and everything to do with cool colors, baggy attire, etc. I probably had, oh, 30-40 jerseys, ranging from a bright-orange Ernie Davis Syracuse model to an Erik Kramer dark blue Bears. They were utterly random; usually purchased for $20 a pop off the Marshall’s racks.

Now, with the passing of time and the recent purge, I’m down to four. They are:

• A mid-1970s Houston Astros jersey (no name or number).

• A late-70s O.J. Anderson Cardinals jersey (name and number stitched)

• A 1998 Pittsburgh Pirates black BP jersey with No. 46 and ALLENSWORTH stitched to the back. This is, obviously, for Jermaine Allensworth, who must have been enough of a prospect for the Pirates to think they’d sell some of his duds. By the time I bought this, in a Pittsburgh retail store, I believe, Allensworth was the dud. Wound up hitting .260 in 342 games. Which is why I love the jersey.

• My personal favorite—Butch Huskey’s game-used 1999 Seattle Mariners jersey. Huskey, an overweight OF/1B, only played 74 games with Seattle. I actually found this jersey selling for $50 at the Mariners’ spring training gift shop in March 2000. The team used to peddle the garb of traded/released/retired members of the team. I thought Huskey was a cool name, plus he was one of the last No. 42s.

8 thoughts on “The strangest T-shirt ever?”

  1. got you beat jeff on the jersey — my personal favorite is my game-worn dick pole jersey.

    first, it’s dick pole.

    second, a couple of years ago after terry francona became known as a pullover/sweatshirt wearer, mlb passed a rule that even if you’re wearing a sweatshirt or something else, uniformed personel still have to wear jerseys. so, dick pole, then the reds pitching coach and another fan of the pullover, had a cut-off jersey made, so he didn’t have to tuck it in. it adhered to the rules and did mess with his comfort.

    so at the reds offseason fanfest, i picked that badboy up for $35

  2. Not entirely on point, but whatever. I once wore a Jose Reyes red alternative road Norfolk Tides jersey (former AAA affiliate of the Mets)* to a Shea Stadium a few years ago for a Mets versus Phillies game. It just had a number “7” stitched in the back with no name. Some moronic, drunk, loud** Mets fan (a breed of which I’m a member) started heckling me a from a few rows back for having the nerve to wear a Phillies jersey to a Mets game. After a few taunts, I turned around and informed him that I was wearing a Norfolk Tides jersey, not a Phillies jersey, assuming a light bulb would go off in this Neanderthal’s noodle. Yeah, not so much. The guy had no idea who his favorite team’s AAA affiliate was but he at least seemed satisfied that whatever jersey I was wearing, it wasn’t a Phillies jersey.

    *Game worn. Not sure if that makes it cooler, scarier, or just less hygienic.

    **Ever notice that the loudest fans at any given baseball game are the LEAST knowledgeable. I’m convinced there is a direct correlation between a fan’s volume at a game and his lack of team/baseball knowledge. Favorite quote overheard at a game in 2004 before David Wright was promoted from AAA: “who needs dis Wright kid, we got Wiggy (reference to Ty Wiggington) who is a gamer!

  3. Why does this not surprise me, CTR? 😉

    Jeff, regarding the centaur thing, I wonder if ARod got the idea from a comedy bit WGR (Buffalo sportstalk station) did about Tedy Bruschi a few years ago. After he left a game to save some puppies — and their squeaky toys! — from a car fire, the “broadcaster” solemnly announced: “Half man, half god, half possible centaur. Either way, I wish he was my dad.”

    So maybe he’s drafting off Bruschi’s heat? An amusing thought.

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