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The strangest T-shirt ever?


Randomly stumbled upon this site today, which offers a T-shirt of A-Rod’s body attached to a horse.

I’m actually not 100-percent sure how one interprets this: Is Rodriguez a baseball stallion, or a mule?

Speaking of T-shirts, in preparation for our upcoming trip I purged through my closet and dresser. Painful. Back in the day, especially when I was in my late teens and early 20s, I was a big collector of sports jerseys. It had nothing to do with individual players, and everything to do with cool colors, baggy attire, etc. I probably had, oh, 30-40 jerseys, ranging from a bright-orange Ernie Davis Syracuse model to an Erik Kramer dark blue Bears. They were utterly random; usually purchased for $20 a pop off the Marshall’s racks.

Now, with the passing of time and the recent purge, I’m down to four. They are:

• A mid-1970s Houston Astros jersey (no name or number).

• A late-70s O.J. Anderson Cardinals jersey (name and number stitched)

• A 1998 Pittsburgh Pirates black BP jersey with No. 46 and ALLENSWORTH stitched to the back. This is, obviously, for Jermaine Allensworth, who must have been enough of a prospect for the Pirates to think they’d sell some of his duds. By the time I bought this, in a Pittsburgh retail store, I believe, Allensworth was the dud. Wound up hitting .260 in 342 games. Which is why I love the jersey.

• My personal favorite—Butch Huskey’s game-used 1999 Seattle Mariners jersey. Huskey, an overweight OF/1B, only played 74 games with Seattle. I actually found this jersey selling for $50 at the Mariners’ spring training gift shop in March 2000. The team used to peddle the garb of traded/released/retired members of the team. I thought Huskey was a cool name, plus he was one of the last No. 42s.