The Democrats Receive a Gift (Now Watch Them F*** It Up)


So a California judge, Vaughn Walker, found today that California’s Proposition 8 (the ban on gay marriage) is unconstitutional. This is far from the beginning of the end, obviously–Prop 8 supporters will appeal, and the case will eventually be heard by the Roberts’ Supreme Court and, odds are, overturned.

This is, of course, a gift to the Democrats.

The majority of America’s tone-deaf Republican politicians have trouble seeing that this country’s opinion on gay marriage has shifted drastically, and that with each passing week more and more people—rural, urban, black, white, religious, agnostic—don’t have much of an issue with homosexuals wedding. Either that, or they just don’t care one way or the other. Hence, the GOP will run on the issue … mock San Francisco/New York liberals with their gay friends and martinis, try using it as a wedge issue. Then, they’ll be smacked down the size; shocked by the news that (yawn) it isn’t news at all. Gays marry … gays don’t marry. Besides the fringe loons, who gives a damn?

Democrats like President Obama would be wise to use this as a political tool—but they likely won’t. Is Obama truly of the opinion that marriage is only for men and women? I highly doubt it–he’s probably just thinking with his political head, not his brain-encasing one. What men and women like Obama and Pelosi need to do is position themselves as the openminded Americans; those who believe we all deserve a shot at the dream. The Republicans, on the other hand, are stuck in the 1950s; saying the same things about gays as they did blacks.