The best reader e-mail I have ever received …

S 2 love hearts 3 inches long each (exc ribbon) 3.99

… arrived today. It was in reaction to an SI column I wrote a couple of months ago, applauding Steve Nash, Grant Hill and the other athletes who opposed Arizona’s immigration reform.

Shockingly, it didn’t include a name.


Shut the fuck up you slimey jew cunt! Much of the world is waking up to what the jews are really all about and you are all about destroying Nations, and in this case you are using your position to brainwash the “goyim” in the US to accept illegal aliens that are mostly a bunch of murderers, rapists, & child-molesters.
Now, let me tell you, there isn´t a day that goes by that I don´t talk from morning till night about you jewish demons and your father SATAN. My website gets over 1,000,000 hits a month and describes in detail the Jewish agenda, so when the shit hits the fan jewboy, you´d better run back to your stolen oasis in the deserts of Palestine before you find out just how angry the world is with you Satanic bastards! If you want to plead the case for illegal aliens, do it for the illegal JEWS that stole Palestine and daily torture and kill innocent woman and children for Satan!
your greatest enemy!

25 thoughts on “The best reader e-mail I have ever received …”

  1. it takes a rare psychotic to start off by calling you a slimey jew cunt and then put quotations marks around goyim. i imagine him making air quotes.

  2. That was probably the guy from Slam covertly responding to your criticism of his Stanley Roberts piece. He used the immigrant story as a ruse.

  3. I Googled the first sentence just to see if this clown goes around cutting + pasting this to the web.

    Google asked:

    “Did you mean: Shut the fuck up you SLIMY jew cunt!”

    That was funny.

  4. Muhammad Goldstein

    So many pathetic, hate-filled idiots out there..glad you keep a good sense of humor about it Jeff. You would not believe the discipline it takes not to respond to people who disparage both Jews and Muslims in my presence, not knowing my family background includes both..

  5. So all Jews are offspring of Satan. And Jesus was a Jew. Therefore….
    Oh, never mind. Using a logical argument to illustrate the irrationality of such hate-filled individuals is pointless. They’ll never get it, and it’s obvious to everybody else.

  6. I like that he found the exclamation mark key. That added a lot to the email.

    Jeff, you should write him back and tell him to come to your house (only in August though) and you’ll kick his ass.

  7. Jeff, as a Jewish person myself, I wonder if that email was written by another Jewish person. I only wonder this because, let’s face it, how many “goyim” use the word “goyim”??? It’s not really a common or well-known word, is it? I’ve certainly never heard it said by anyone who is not either Jewish or who has spent a lot of time around Jews. So, I think that this douche of an emailer might just have it out for you and chose the religion thing as a weapon. Any “goyim” out there want to weigh in?

  8. “There isn´t a day that goes by that I don´t talk from morning till night about you jewish demons and your father SATAN.” Wow, what a meaningful, productive life he must live!

  9. Jeff, wish I had a glib crack to make but this kind of crap is sickening. That being said it is apparent that your blog is a continuation of Jewish control of all media.

  10. I am trying to think of websites that get over a million hits a month to figure out who wrote this….because that’s an awful lot of hits. Whoever has that much attention must be a little bit noteworthy. Therefore, this letter was written by Perez Hilton.

  11. Shalom Jeff. I hope you are enjoying Spain. Make sure you hit up the McDonalds on Las Ramblas. Best McNuggets I ever had were fried in Spain.

  12. Morning til night everyday….hmmmm….could this be Rush Limbaugh? Does his website get 1 million hits a month? Maybe it’s Glenn Beck…

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