Today’s column …


… is on why readers are so friggin’ hostile toward sports reporters.

Seriously, it’s getting rough out there.

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  1. Hate to deflate the “why us?” tone, but it’s any news about anything. Check the comments about any story at any online newspaper, or any website. The venom, anger, snark, etc. is overwhelming. You’d think the only people who take the time to comment about anything are pissed off, impatient, racist homophobes who hate everything, especially the writer of the article upon which they are commenting. It’s why I continue to visit this blog; I enjoy reading Jeff’s observations, but I also enjoy the comments, as the majority are by intelligent, thoughtful people with interesting takes.

  2. I’m with Ted on this one. It’s not just sportswriters; it’s everywhere. The ease of clicking on something, spewing some vitriol, and being anonymous is going to make it more likely for people to lay their thoughts out there.

    You talk about 1996 when you started at SI. I imagine many of those comments were mailed in, via actual postal service? If so, then you’re dealing with people who want to take the time to either write or type up responses and put them in the mail. It’s a much different feeling than a simple comment or e-mail.

    And, if those comments from 96 were received digitally, then I would say that most commenters/e-mailers at that time were still in the pre-internet mindset. They hadn’t been seduced by, or raised in, a “trolling,” “griefing,” or “hating” internet community.

    It’s not even that different for today’s TV and radio hosts. They say the most outrageous things possible without getting fired. Commenters and e-mailers can’t get fired. They have no filter.

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