Professor Pearlman …


… sounds sorta weird to me, but, well, it is what it is.

This fall I will be teaching writing at Manhattanville College in Purchase, N.Y. Here’s the release from the school.

This will be my first time teaching a class, though I’ve lectured at a slew of universities over the years. I’ve been thinking back to my ol’ journalism classes at the University of Delaware, but then I stop. The business has changed so incredibly much through the years, I just don’t think I should be thinking of this in conventional terms.

In other words, what is journalism in 2010? More opinionated? Certainly. Less newspaper-oriented? Without question. Is there still the same importance on the inverted pyramid lede? On the nut graph? On the proper formatting of a new story? Hard to say, but I’d argue No. The modern journalist must be able to handle 8,000 branches at once—newspaper story, Twitter feeds, web updates, etc … etc.

It just ain’t the same—and I’m excited.

PS: If you’re wondering, the photo is of Sue Flack, one of my all-time favorite actresses.

5 thoughts on “Professor Pearlman …”

  1. That’s amazing. My friend just graduated from there and was into journalism a bit there too. I remember reading there was some big anti-gay marriage column, if I’m not mistaken, written in their newspaper that lead to a campus protest during the 2009-2010 school year.

    Jonathan Trapper, I heard, wrote a really damn good book recently. I’ve been meaning to check that out.

    I know Chuck Klosterman recently taught a college course in Germany for a semester to keep him fresh and on his toes.

  2. Jeff, can you teach on online course or post your courses online? I’d be very interested to learn from you. Seriously, consider posting your courses online!

  3. Please, please, please, teach them that grammar is important to the meaning of something and that writing is different than speaking. Those who still care about the written word unite!!

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