Fear the Bron


LeBron James is angry. At least according to his latest Tweet, which reads: “Don’t think for one minute that I haven’t been keeping mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone.”

What a loser. I mean, seriously, what a loser. Yes, LeBron makes lots of money. And is famous. But—and I’ve seen this first-hand—very often the people we idolize and look up to are the ones actually missing the party. In other words, read LeBron’s statement again. What the fuck is he talking about? Oooh, you’ve been keeping mental notes—of everyone! Ooooh—so scary. What exactly are you gonna do? Score 45 against the Cavs? Talk smack in the newspaper? You are, at day’s end, a basketball player. An extremely immature, self-indulgent basketball player with an ego the size of Asia and few apparent useful tools away from the court.

One day, this will all dry up. The hype. The attention. The games. You will be an ex-jock, no different than the thousands of other ex-jocks.

OK, I’m done.

9 thoughts on “Fear the Bron”

  1. While I agree that Bron Bron comes off as a little baby…he’s not going to end up like all the other ex-jocks. His branding alone will keep him flying high for years and he will go down as one of the greatest ever, assuming he picks up a ring or two, which he will. I hate his antics, but he’s going to come out on top.


  2. Love you Jeff. Really do. And I agree with everything you said about him here. But why all the sweeping generalizations about ex-jocks? Is “jock” a term different than athlete? If so, I guess it works.

    But while many pro athletes are just dumb kids with millions of dollars, there are plenty, too, who are much, much more than their jockness, their dollars.

  3. I sent him a reply on Twitter, spelling out my last name so he’d be sure to get it right in his notes …

    And Mark Cuban says WE’RE the dumbest people in the locker room? Heh.

  4. Kinda looking forward to a nice article from Lebron bitching about you Jeff! How aewsome would that be? You could pay for that kind of publicity!! But in the end you are right…he won’t do anything or say anything. Maybe score a couple points…maybe become the Lindsay Lohan of the NBA with his well publicized partying in Miami… Y A W N!

  5. LeBron disappointed a lot of people including me. I thought he was a rare case of a child with maturity when he went Pro.
    That point aside I agree with Brandon.
    Wide sweeping generalizations about anything or anybody seems to me to be (sorry but it fits) ignorant.
    Many ex-jocks have gone on to productive lives in other careers.
    For some reason the name that popped into my mind was, Steve Largent. While you may not agree with his politics or beliefs he is hardly *just* an ex-jock.
    While I doubt LB will run the country in his retirement, the fact is he is still maturing. There is still hope for change.
    At 25 years of age I was more interested in what my little head wanted me to do.
    On the other hand, I didn’t even consider kids at that time. LB does have 2 kids. Children requires maturity to some degree.

  6. If LeBron scores 50 against the Cavs, isn’t he just going to be seen as a douche? He should let Wade rule that game.

    I want to see LeBron fight someone. Let me explain. The “killers” on the court would get into it from time to time. Jordan, Russell, Reggie Miller, Malone, Pip, Bird, even Kareem…all the “killers” fought when pushed. LeBron has never been that guy. I don’t mean to compare physical confrontation with verbal, but LeBron’s threatening tweet means little because he has never acted aggressively..ever. Instead he is the master of being passive aggressive (as evidenced especially by his failure to let Dan Gilbert know he was leaving). For someone who has “Chosen One” tattooed across his back, he is quite a smarmy guy, no?

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