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Fear the Bron


LeBron James is angry. At least according to his latest Tweet, which reads: “Don’t think for one minute that I haven’t been keeping mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone.”

What a loser. I mean, seriously, what a loser. Yes, LeBron makes lots of money. And is famous. But—and I’ve seen this first-hand—very often the people we idolize and look up to are the ones actually missing the party. In other words, read LeBron’s statement again. What the fuck is he talking about? Oooh, you’ve been keeping mental notes—of everyone! Ooooh—so scary. What exactly are you gonna do? Score 45 against the Cavs? Talk smack in the newspaper? You are, at day’s end, a basketball player. An extremely immature, self-indulgent basketball player with an ego the size of Asia and few apparent useful tools away from the court.

One day, this will all dry up. The hype. The attention. The games. You will be an ex-jock, no different than the thousands of other ex-jocks.

OK, I’m done.