Is there any possible way this is a good movie?

I’d argue no. The presence of Sly alone damns the thing, but then throw in a bunch of gimmick actors (Ivan Drago! Bruce Willis! An Arnold cameo!) and, well, you know …

7 thoughts on “Is there any possible way this is a good movie?”

  1. It really depends on your expectations. If you’re expecting an expertly written thrill ride full of compelling characters embroiled in a world full of ethical dilemmas and moral uncertainty, all within the confines of a film depicting the brutality, if not the necessity, of violence—I think you’ll be disappointed.

    If you’re expecting to laugh half the time at, and not with, the film while enjoying a mindless break from reality via absurd and over-the-top violence being perpetrated by men closer to receiving social security than their sexual primes—then I think you’ll really, really like it.

  2. haven’t you ever enjoyed popcorn action movies from the 80’s? weren’t you from that generation?

    don’t tell us you’re above all that now and only slum it up on rap and art house movies, do you?

  3. It seems like it will be a really great bad movie! And, very often, at a flick, that is exactly what I am in the mood for.

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