The early returns are in …


RE: my column about the gay umpire. Here’s a sampling of some of the e-mails I’ve received. My general response has been: Dear [FILL IN NAME]: Do me a favor. Print out a copy of the e-mail you sent me, place it in an envelope and read it in 10 years. You’ll be ashamed. Best, Jeff Pearlman


Sir,  I would just like to say, you have a lot of balls, calling a man a hateful bigot.  Do you personally know this man, have you shaken his hand, or broke bread with him at his home.  Your words “This was about being a bigot”. “This was about hate”.  Sound pretty hateful themselves.  Actually it sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.  I would say that you sir are not much of a reporter if this is the best story that you could come up with by your deadline.  And by the way, if your facts are correct then the only thing I can see that Brent did was state facts, just not in the politically correct way your lame ass liberal self would like to have heard them.  You and the rest of the Liberal Media are exactly what’s wrong with this country today, Call a duck a duck, or shut the fuck up. If I have hurt you feelings in any way, well tough shit, suck it up cry baby and do your job, report news and stop slandering this man’s good name.


While you seem to stand up for gay rights I by no means share your views. It doesn’t make me a bigot, or homophobic. I’m offended by  your statements that homosexuality will ever be an accepted form of lifestyle. Those people have something wrong with them, an unacceptable character flaw, and people like you who condone and accept their immoral sexuality are part of the problem. If they choose perversion, that’s their choice, I and the majority of normal functioning people will never accept or condone their life choices, nor will we agree with same sex marriage, or them allowed to be parents. It takes a man and a woman to procreate, not a man and a man or a woman and a woman. Those that are living that perverse lifestyle should be stripped of the right to be a parent as it gives the wrong message to children.  Enough said!


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Comparing homosexual behavior to race is also fraudulent.  Homosexual behavior is sinful behavior; has been for centuries, and will always continue to be sinful behavior.  Being black hasn’t/isn’t/won’t be.  Just because it’s (unfortunately) gaining social acceptance does not make those opposing that acceptance “haters,” as you seem to imply.  No one is calling for people who engage in homosexual behavior to be murdered, their property taken from them, denied jobs, food, health care, or rounded up into camps.  That’s hate.  Can’t we all agree that if Hitler/Mao/Stalin didn’t do it, then it’s not “hate?”

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  1. Gotta just shake your head at such people. When you ask why they think that way, they say because the Bible says that homosexuality is an abomination. Of course, that is contained in Leviticus in the Old Testament, not in the New Testament and I doubt any of these people know what else Leviticus and other parts of the Old Testament say, as was set forth very well in this West Wing clip:

  2. Don’t know why I’m even bothering to comment on the morons’ hate, but referencing the last e-mail, if Hitler/Mao/Stalin didn’t do it then it’s not hate…I thought they DID do it. I thought they did take property from gays, did put them in camps, did murder them. So I guess that guy will now re-evaluate his position? Ah, why even try.

  3. I think the second to last e-mail is my favorite, because I always imagine someone speaking the same exact way that they write. In this instance, the author would be constantly screaming and breathing heavy a la Mel Gibson in-between sentences (which is what I imagine the “!!!” between each non-punctuated statement being).

    A close second is the first one, just because they’re one of those people who are hilariously ignorant of their own stupidity. “Ah, but isn’t calling someone hateful for doing hateful things hateful? Did I just BLOW YOUR MIND Jeff Pearlman?”

    I do thank you for posting these, though. We need to be reminded that as far as this country has come, we still have a long long way to go.

  4. Arnold
    Certainly the last person tries to make a biblical connection. Also the second one alludes to immorality. I seriously doubt the others are religious people.
    Unfortunately many people put on the blinders and assume if someone is vocal against homosexuality it is because the bible told them so.
    Fact is some people are jerks and it has nothing to do with the bible.

  5. jmw – I don’t doubt that for some people it has little to do with the Bible and lot to do with how they were raised. However, if you ask them why they believe that, they don’t say “because my mom and dad told me it was bad” or even “because I personally find it distateful.” Almost without fail the reason cited is the Bible.

  6. Arnold
    When we look at societies that had never known the bible they were usually opposed to homosexuality.
    The bible is just the easy answer. A place to put blame.

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