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… is on Brent Bowers, the former major league outfielder whose vile, homophobic outburst toward a gay umpire led to his recent demise as a Golden Baseball League manager.

Just in case you have sympathy for Bowers; in case you think he’s being victimized by some sort of PC Police, well, here’s the report filed by Billy Van Raaphorst, the gay umpire who endured the manager’s beratement (courtesy of

After the ejection Bowers ran over to me and began screaming, “You know what I heard? I heard you are a fucking faggot. The rumor from several managers and people at the league is that you are a fag… So what do you do you fucking faggot? Do you take it up the fucking ass you faggot?” As he said this he bent over and grabbed his ankles as to demonstrate this action. I replied, “Nice really classy, what does any of this have to do with you acting like this? Real classy Brent, you are just a class act.”

He was in my face screaming, “What’s the matter did your fucking boy friend fucking cum on your face today, is that how you like it you fucking faggot.” I said, “Great now you are just acting like a total ass, real classy Brent. I thought you were a big leaguer?” He replied, “I was in the big leagues where the fuck did you work? Who do you know in the big leagues…?” I replied, “I know plenty of big leaguers… players and umpires… and none of them act like you…” Bowers continued to yell and took off his hat screaming, “You need to tan your head faggot… ” Then Bowers threatened me saying, “I ought to kick your ass you faggot.”

[Michael] Gillmore the plate umpire came over and I walked away. Bowers continued to yell at me, “Walk away you faggot, you take it up the ass faggot.” Bowers began yelling at Gillmore about 20 feet from me. I heard Gillmore tell Bowers, “Brent you crossed the line, you went way over the line. You need to get going.” Bowers screamed, “I know he is a faggot, I was told by Gary Templeton (Chico Manager) and Kevin Outcalt (GBL Commissioner) that he is a fucking faggot. I know he is a faggot!” Gillmore began walking him toward the dugout, he continued screaming at me while on the way. Once in the dugout he soon left and the game resumed and ended without further incident.

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  1. Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing this story. It’s great to see that although sports is still seen as a beacon of homophobia, the extremely bigoted views will not be tolerated. Instead, those players and coaches are quickly ostracized, cut, condemned, etc.

    I can’t wait until the day when the sports industry becomes an advocate for equality. Soon enough.

    Openly gay, ex-MLB umpire Dave Pallone shared his thoughts on the story as well here:

    I did as well on my blog, but I figure his voice carries a bit more on this subject.


  2. My favorite part of the story:

    “And some of my players also got kicked out from that same umpire. I just though, as manager, I needed to go out there and just ask why is this happening to me and us…”

    …gee, idunno. Probably because you do stuff like freak out and call an umpire a f***** a hundred times.

  3. What a sad world we live in. Just when you think we’ve come a long way as a society you read something like this. You’d think the generation gap would be large enough that crap like this would start to dissipate, but then you look at someone like Mel Gibson and realize that we are what are parents are, and it’s going to take a lot more generations to overcome the hateful ignorance that exists throughout this great country.

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