Greg Ball—still pathetic

Visited Greg Ball’s website tonight. Here’s his latest video …

Let’s see: You run an ad against illegal immigrants by showing a video of Hispanic-looking man working in Somers (with no idea whether he’s actually illegal) … and your opponent is the slimy one? Really?

I like dog owners as much as the next fella, but, well, Ball=Kook. “I stand here before you today not just as Greg Ball’s ex-girlfriend” Uh … what? He’s even decided to join the Tea Party, which deems him Kook to the fifth power.

Again, I’m not a Republican, and wouldn’t vote for either candidate.

But this guy is the worst of the worst.


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  1. Apparently they have a sanitation issue that isn’t being addressed.

    Looked the guy up and found this:
    Written by 2nd Lt. Gregory R. Ball:
    National Hispanic-American Heritage Month is a time to appreciate and understand how Hispanic Americans have influenced life in the United States.
    For this reason, celebrating the culture, achievements and promise of the Hispanic people during this month is important, but shouldn’t be limited to one month a year. Learning about Hispanic Americans year-round is important to truly understand the history and future of this country.

    As citizens of a global community we find ourselves engaging others across borders without the constraints of distance as in years past.
    Today, Hispanic culture continues to be a growing and essential facet of the American experience.
    …there’s more, I’ll quit here

    Sounds to me like this guy is a career politician, should go far.

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