Harry Reid deserves to lose: II

Wow. Just—wow.

So Sharon Angle, the crazy Tea Party freak who somehow became to Republican nominee for Senate in Nevada, was well known for making countless anti-Social Security comments.

Just saw this ad:

I don’t live in Nevada, but I’m here to endorse Monte Brewster.

What a joke.

3 thoughts on “Harry Reid deserves to lose: II”

  1. I don’t know what part of the Angle ad appalls you. If it’s the part about how the federal government annually raids the social security trust fund to take surplus money and use it elsewhere… that’s exactly what has happened for decades. If not for the annual raids (and meaningless govt. IOUs), there would be no conversation about social security being unfunded in 10 years or 20 or 30. It is truly sad my generation, and yours, will not reap the benefit of having paid into the trust fund for so many years with the promise of ‘security’ in retirement. I’ll finish by saying I don’t know of Angle’s prior comments. If they’re in contrast to the message in the video, welcome to politics.

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