Mazel Tov

The world is small.

Tonight the family and I were standing in a parking lot here in the tiny town of Arbucies, Spain. We were goofing around with this toy we bought in Barcelona the other day. You turn on a small blue light, pull back a rubber band and the thing soars high into the air. There were a swarm of kids around us—local tykes with little more to do most summer nights than chill in the streets and hope some crazy Americans pass by (really, it’s a sorta dull place for youngsters). None of the children speak or understand English, so we spoke Spanish. One of the girls, however, had a cell phone with a bunch of downloaded songs. One of them was the Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling.

As the tune began to play, I turned to The Wife and said, “This girl might actually say Mazel Tov.” And, then, it happened. The part came, and I heard the words “Mazel Tov” leave her lips. In Arbucies, Spain. Where nobody speaks English. And nobody is Jewish. Hell, where nobody knows what a bagel is.

Just thought that was cool.

PS: The above video is a dude playing in el Parqe Guelle. If you’ve been to Spain or know Spain, you’ve certainly heard of the famed park. We walked all day through Barcelona to get there—and it was an enormous disappointment. The park itself was beautiful, but overrun by tourists and, to a slightly lesser degree, commercialism. I am a tourist, so I can’t rightly complain about my ilk. Luckily, the walk itself was great fun.

PPS: This is part of an e-mail my wife sent her mom yesterday. One-hundred percent true, and even more hilarious in person:

We stumbled on an awesome neighborhood of little streets and walkways with shops like in the villiage. Casey loves to browse at all the soaps, and fabrics, and cards and earrings, etc. We stopped in a shop called LSD “Love, Sex, and Diamonds”. We didn’t know what LSD stood for until after. The shop had lots of cool stuff for the kids to touch and look at. While I was looking at something, I hear Emmett saying “mom, mom, take a look at this”. I look up and he is holding a pink rubber penis with a face on it. He says “Look mom, funny, right?”. I looked at Jeff and the shop keeper who were both laughing, smiled and I said, “Yeah Em, cool.” Put it back. It was hilarious. He didn’t even know it was a penis. He thought it was a funny looking pink man.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures and the blog/journal of your family vacation….it’s great how the Black Eyed Peas have brought Yiddish to the world – I believe many children will convert to Judaism because of theirs and Matisyahu’s evangelistic effort.

    To Life

    Johnny Pittman
    (companion of Cameron Mills
    President of Jeff Pearlman fan club -KY Chapter)

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