We. Be. Dumb.


A new poll from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life says one in five Americans believe President Obama is a Muslim.

A new poll from says one in two Americans are morons.

What!? How dare you demean the intelligence of we … uh, us, eh, we Americans. Just because we think it’s important to let everyone have a gun, just because we think that mosk shouldn’t be built on top of where the Twin Towers fell, just because we believe Sarah Palin is one of us, just because we’re tired of socialists trying to provide health coverage for everyone, just because we want your government hands off of our social security, just because we’re tired of blacks being able to use the N-word while we’re not afforded that same right—well, none of that makes us stupids or dumms. It makes us Americans!

PS: Division winners:

NL: Phillies, Reds, Padres, Giants get the Wild

AL: Rays, Twins, Rangers, Yanks get the Wild

World Series: Rangers over Phillies.