As I write this, I’m sitting in a small apartment we’re renting (on the ultra-cheap) here in Paris for a few days before winding up our month-long European adventure. Woke up this morning at 4 to catching a 6:55 flight from Gerona, Spain to France. Was sorta sad to leave, but the drooling cat was too much. She meowed at all hours, and maggots started attacking her food dish. It’s why I have a dog.

If you’ve never been to Paris—go. It’s my second time, and if you’re thinking, “Typical intellectual liberal in Paris,” well, hell’s yeah. This city oozes charm and class and, most important, insanely delicious food. You’ll never look at a Nestle bar the same way (actually, you’ll never look at a Nestle bar again) after nibbling on Paris sweets. Flavor, flavor, flavor. Just crazy.

We took the kids to the Eiffel Tower this afternoon, which was thrilling. The wife and I had been there before, but seeing something through the eyes of your tots is indescribable. Best moment actually came afterward, when my 7-year-old daughter Casey finally got her beret. Ever since we first brought up France, she’d been talking beret, beret, beret. So tonight, for the low price of 6 Euros, we snagged her a pink one. Man, was she giddy. Or, to quote the wife quoting Casey: “I knew I was going to get a beret. I just knew they have them here. I can soeak some French so people can talk to me if they see me in the beret. I love to paint and painters in Paris wear berets. The thing is, I am born the Chinese year of the sheep and those people are very creative. That’s why I am such a good artist.”

As I write this, Casey is fast asleep—here beret right beside her.

Not to ignore sports, some random thoughts:

• For those of you who responded to my recent John Rocker post with “Get over the guy,” I totally hear what you’re saying. I wrote that post at about 3 am … really just thought it was interesting about his latest gig. Had no reason to mock him. My bad.

• Why are the Vikings doing this again with Favre? And when will he see how dumb he looks?

• I applaud Johnny Damon for staying away from Boston. It was basically a big Fuck You to all the fans who ridiculed him (mercilessly, I should say) after he left.

• If the Rays somehow get Manny Ramirez, they’re on crack. Stay away. Far away.