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Glenn Beck: God


I feel good.

Today, tens of thousands of people came to the Lincoln Memorial to worship their lord and savior, Glenn Beck, eh, Jesus. I mean Jesus.

Beck, the idiot media celebrity who spews more inane bullshit than anyone I’ve ever before seen, has a certain gravitational pull toward our nation’s zealot morons. You know the type—Obama is the devil; Jesus needs to be in our schools; Israel is important because of the rapture; I’ve-read-the-Bible-but-not-any-other-books-because-I-don’t-need-to. They swarmed Washington—inappropriately, times 100,000, on the anniversary of MLK’s I Have a Dream speech—because Beck believes our nation needs to turn back to God.

And not just any God.

Apparently, the God we need to turn back to hates illegal immigrants, loves white people, thinks universal health coverage is crap, doesn’t much need Muslims and digs Fox News. Not my God. Probably not your God. But the God of many, many, many stupid Americans. Too many.

As I write this, I’m on Day 28 of our European house swap. Here, there’s little of this nonsense. Guys like Beck exist, but people seem to take them with humor. But in the United States, we’re soooo … sooooo … soooooo craving. We crave leadership and idols; people who speak lously in place of thought. We want to be told what to believe. And because evil fuck wads (sorry, but it’s true) like Beck have a major platform, they take the cake.


PS: Sarah Palin also spoke. Huge surprise. And the Tea Partys schmucks came en masse.