Al Sharpton: Go Away


I like Al Sharpton, and that probably makes no real sense. He’s a largely unlikeable guy, and his tactics over the years (especially involving Tawana Brawley) make him pretty worthless as a political ally. He’s never shown much love for the Jews or, for that matter, anyone who doesn’t serve as a prop for Al Sharpton. If you can get him somewhere, he’ll love you. If not, he’ll ignore you. He also n-e-v-e-r apologizes or admits being wrong. Which, again, in relation to Brawley has killed him. Absolutely killed him.

I’m not sure the point here, except I hated that Sharpton held a rally in Washington to counter Glenn Beck’s so-called “civil rights” moment. Sharpton doesn’t see this and has never seen this, but he (and Jesse Jackson) are the wrong dudes to be speaking out for liberals and minorities. They’ve simply uttered too many divisive things over the decades, and serve as conservative tools in an effort to show we Dems are out of touch or overly radical. Wanna raise GOP funds? Have Sharpton speak out.

So, while I do like ol’ Al, it’s time to go away.