“The best falafel ever”

We were told “the best falafel ever” was in Paris, at a little place in the Jewish neighborhood called L’as Du Fallafel, on rue dos Rosiers. So the wife, the kids and I went there. Here’s the report:

4 thoughts on ““The best falafel ever””

  1. Jeff and Family…..just stumbled upon your Blog…not really sure how I got here….BUT I am enjoying your Paris trip and Idol comments. On a not so critical comment….hold your camera more steady and longer shots when you are filming and center the subject ie. the Falafel guy. Otherwise keep the commonsense attitude…ie. Glen Beck, ugh, and teabaggers going. All this coming from a 55+ woman on the west coast who believes, hopes the younger generation will set this nation on balanced course. Regards

  2. The world’s a big place. But if it is as good as you say, I hope you packed some up for me. Did you try the shwarma? Because if the falafel is that good, I am dang curious about the lovely looking roasting misc. meat food product you showed. Yum.

  3. So glad you tried. Don’t know if I was the first to recommend this (probably not — I’m rarely the first to anything), but so glad you and Mrs. you agree w/Lenny, me and Mrs. me that this is the best.

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