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So it’s a little after midnight, and I’m doing some work on the upcoming book. Jonathan, my wife’s step-sister’s husband, has a whole slew of CDs, and I’m copying some tunes onto my laptop.

My latest addition: Sheena Easton.

For some reason, I have fond memories of Easton. When I was a kid, Gary Miller—my best boyhood chum—had a sleepover party at his house. We ate pizza and popcorn, drank Cokes and watched a Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only. For some reason, I’ve always remembered Easton singing the title track as the credits rolled; thinking, “Wow, great song.” Plus, I remember Sheena Easton being sorta hot, in a Even-Prince-has-her-singing-with-him sort of way.

I digress. Point is, I’ve always had something for Sheena.

But then, tonight, I started listening to her hits. And, man, do they suck. That For Your Eyes Only song is, at best, crap. Her duet with Kenny Rogers is terrible, as is Morning Train—which might actually be the most heinous non-Steve Winwood song ever recorded. I have no idea what I ever saw in the woman. But I suppose I had to come all the way to England to break myself of the love.

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  1. I suspect it was the Prince-written “Sugar Walls” (that got banned in some places) that turned you on to Sheena Easton back in the day. I just remember that she looked horribly out of place with the overt sexuality in the video for “You Got The Look,” her duet with Prince, and then went overboard with her own overt sexuality on “Sugar Walls” and “Strut.” And was pretty bad in a bunch of episodes of Miami Vice. But I was already an adult when she hit it big. I’m guessing a young teenager would have been more into that stuff.

  2. Plus, she should be arrested and charged with animal cruelty for that Snake Skin jacket she is rocking in that pic you posted. If it is crocodile, or another dead reptile’s skin, then it is cool though.

  3. I was in my mid to late teens when she hit, and I still didn’t get her. I was much too busy drooling over Chrissie Hynde. 🙂

  4. “…most heinous non-Steve Winwood song ever recorded.”

    Say What!?

    Not sure what you have against Steve Winwood but the man is a talent.
    I say this as I sit here listening to “Forty Thousand Headmen”.
    Sort of ignored the Sheena posting before since I never saw anything special about her.
    She sings.
    Winwood writes, sings and plays drums, organ, guitars, etc.
    Winwood began performing at age 8 and learned with some of the blues greats such as Muddy Waters, John lee Hooker, BB King, etc.
    At age 14 he joined the Spencer Davis group where his career really took off.
    Steve is a multidimensional talent able to crossover to several styles. Sheena isn’t.

  5. Two things:

    Eric is right. The women we loved as kids aren’t so hot anymore. Case in point, Bobbi Brown (the chick from Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”). Back in the day, hot as hell. Now it looks like a truck smashed into her.

    jmw has a point. Windwood isn’t much now, but back in the day Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones both wanted him to sing lead for a new band they were starting up. But Windwood didn’t want to do it because he had his own thing going on.

    So Page and Jones went up country to hear this young kid with a good voice. They loved him and the drummer and offered them both parts in their new band, Led Zeppelin.

  6. Byron,

    The Winwood youtube vids were from 2007.
    It was the Crossroads Guitar Festival.
    Even though he plays many instruments, at that festival, the emphasis was on the Guitar.

    If nothing else watch the second video and you will see that one of the best Rock and Roll musicians of ALL time hasn’t lost a step.

    Winwood is a true musical talent, something that seems to be lost on the masses.
    Today a drum machine, some guy scratching vinyl, and someone else repeating F-bombs is called music.


    Before you think Steve Winwood has lost it, listen to him play.

  7. You’re all crazy. She was smokin’ hot in the 70’s and stayed that way. She is still a beautifully matured woman. She has a fantastic voice and I for one would line up to get tickets to her show. (front row)

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