Upcoming elections


I’ve decided I sort of hope the Democrats lose the House.

I know … I know—Republicans suck. All they talk about are tax cuts; they’ve done nothing but oppose anything Obama supports; etc … etc.

All true. All 100% true. As disappointed as I am in President Obama’s meek approach to governing, I’m 1,000,000,000,000 times more enraged by the GOP and their ode to a nation’s failure. Every since Obama’s election, all the Republicans have done is slam him, mock him, block him, demean him. It’s a terrible, terrible joke, and the price paid by our nation is steep. We’re all place where opposing parties no longer work together; where the loudest idiot voices have the greatest influence.

I digress. I want the Democrats to lose the House because my party needs to be punished. My president and my elected officials have governed like a bunch of wimps. Whereas GWB forced his agenda down the throats of opponents, Obama and the Dems tiptoe. They coddle and appease and appeal and hope. Personally, I’m sick of it. I didn’t vote for a moderate softie. I voted for a passionate, hard-nosed, get-things-done liberal Democrat with a pulse.

Do we have that? No. We have a guy who, like his predecessor, seems to misread the pulse of a nation. His speech on Iraq? Soft. His approach to attacking the economy? Mild. Look, I enjoy blaming Bush as much as the next guy. And the blame is warranted. But you are the president, and you are the majority party. Do something! Do anything! Show people your passion and heart and drive!

Now it’s too late.

The Republicans will come in, the Democrats will cower and cut taxes for the richest 2 percent, the economy will temporarily improve, the Republicans will take credit …

And President-elect Mitt Romney will take office.

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