I like this song. I don’t even disagree with the content. But, again, where were these voices when George W. Bush was president for e-i-g-h-t years, throwing corporations every available bone, wiretapping citizens, limiting freedom of speech? It’s baffling to me. I’m not thrilled by Obama’s unwillingness to undo much of Bush’s damage, but I don’t blame him for the policies enacted by the last administration.

Are Tea Partiers stupid? Not universally. But they seem extremely misguided. Again—where was the anger pre-Obama?

3 thoughts on “Catchy”

  1. The anger pre-Obama? Why would white Southern people be angry with a white Southern establishment? When Obama took office though, almost immediately we heard cries of “taking the country back.”

    Taking it back from whom? The black guy most Americans voted for?

    And this is continuing now. I’m not saying all opposition to Obama is racially based—that would be stupid. I suppose I am suggesting, though, that Obama’s race is a significant impediment for him in much of this country (to put it as nicely as I can).

  2. Where are the large anti-war demonstrations that were present during the Bush administration now that Obama is in charge of and continuing two occupations?
    Isn’t it the same thing?
    It’s harder to be upset and protest when a bad decision is made by a guy you trusted and voted for than when it is made by a guy that you pretty much already reviled throughout an election year.

  3. Living in alabama , it’s not a southern thing nor a racial thing. Obama ran on a different platform then the one he’s playing of today. with a friend just home from Iraqui after he’s 3rd tour . either do something or remain a lame duck

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