Matt Leinart


For some reason I find myself riveted by the plight of Matt Leinart.

First, here’s what we know:

• Released by the Cardinals.

• Thinks he deserves to be a starter.

• Likes to party.

• Lefthander with iffy accuracy.

• Just signed with the Texans.

I’m shocked. In Houston, he’s a clear-cut backup. Does he want that? Can he live with that?

Here’s what I was thinking: The Seahawks were the obvious choice, but they’ve got their own QB of the future. The Vikings, perhaps, but what does that say to Jackson, who’s been the perfect gentleman during Favre Hell. The Giants needed a competent backup, as did the Saints and Patriots. But would you bring in someone like Leinart; someone who has feuded with the coach; who has shown himself to be a bit arrogant; who has never really played exceptionally when given the chance?

I’m not saying Leinart is a bad guy. I don’t even know him. But sometimes athletes—all of us, really—have to look in the mirror and re-evaluate. If I’m Leinart, that’s my priority. Not starting.


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  1. Leinhart had every right to be pissed off and frustrated. But he handled it wrongly. He’s just not good, showed bad body language, and just doesn’t get it. Plus, Ken Whisenhunt owes nothing to him because he isn’t ‘his guy’ as he didn’t draft him. With that said, the Cardinals have probably the worst QB problem in the league right now.

    As a Pats fan, I have to butt in and say that we definitely don’t need a backup. Brian Hoyer is one of the best backups I could imagine having in the league. It speaks volumes that Belichick has gone with 3 QB’s every single year until 2009 (and again this season) where he felt comfortable with going with 2 QB’s for the first time. So much so that he released a 2008 third round pick (Kevin O’Connell) last season and left the undrafted free agent Hoyer to be a backup for Tom Brady, who was just coming off major knee surgery, broke 4 of his ribs during the season, and suffered a ring finger injury.

    Hoyer has looked really good when he has come in. He’s much more mobile than Brady and feels like he has a command for the offense. He’s much better than Matt Cassel was.

  2. He was the number 1 pick in 2006 and he had time to prove himself. He had the job in Arizona and they had Warner as his backup. Then he could not prove himself so they put in Warner and he only brang them to 2 playoffs and was one pass away from winning the Superbowl. Leinart had a few years to learn from a master like Warner and then this year he loses the starting job to a guy who cannot cut it in Cleveland. Bottom line is you have got to suck if you cannot win the starting job that was handed to you. I don’t think he learned anyone behind Warner and he thinks he is great where there is no proof of that in the NFL, now he is the third string for the Texans. He still has a shot at being a porn star.

  3. You people should really do you homework before posting. I live in Az, go to the training camps and I have been following the cards for 20 years. The reason Lienart lost the job this year, was the players were not buying into him. I do obviously to me that this team just did not feel comfortable with him. I love our coach and I trust his decisions, but I have thought cutting him was the wrong move. I would of cut anderson, and went with Matt as the starter as I believe he has more potential. However, I think Whiz sees something I dont, and thats why he is the head coach. Lienart can be a very good QB and maybe Whiz just does not see him fitting into his system. He didnt drsft him, and has no obiligations to him. Lienart was a Denny Green pick.
    Max Hall will be QBing this team before the end of the season…

  4. He used to come in to my restaurant and hide his face and tell me to make sure no one see’s or notices him cause he didn’t want paparazzi all over him. He would sit on his phone hiding his face the entire time. Cool guy though, we talk about football and parties; but I wish could cough up more then 10% for a tip every time I served him.

    And I would love to see Max Hall starting

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