“And a degree in communications …”

Holy shit.

Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy shit. Stick with it until 1:34—an implosion of all implosions. Perhaps Phil Davison is simply overwhelmed. But I’d argue he’s pretty much crazy.

He’s tired of business as usual. Clearly, he’s also tired of his meds. Which, as a hypochondriac, I can understand.

Man—painful beyond painful.

PS: He lost the nomination to North Canton Finance Director Alex Zumbar. Oh, well.

6 thoughts on ““And a degree in communications …””

  1. I was going to mention the Masters thing too.
    WOW he’s one person I would worry is about to go “Postal”.
    Seems someone got him a bit pissed off.

  2. I loved him citing Einstein with one of his “most favorite quotes in the history of the spoken word” … but having to refer to his notes first … and then getting it wrong.

    And how effing crazy must the people of “the village of Minerva” be to elect this guy?


  3. Wow. Now he’s passionate about serving the village of Minerva. And, perhaps, insane. Local government politics with a touch of WWE.

  4. Why do I imagine that his campaign headquarters is in a van down by the river?

    And a round of applause for the audience members who stuck around to the end of that … and applauded. For what?

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