Pools gross me out. Oceans, I love. Pools—yuck. Ever see a floating used Band-Aid in a pool? One with an underbelly of blood and goo? How about hair? Like, you’re swimming and you feel something dangling from your lip. You pull at it, and it’s a strand of hair. Ew.

Once, while vacationing in Cape Cod, I was swimming in an apparently clean pool when someone’s hair weave floated past. Literally, the hair weave. Nasty.

How many times have you wiped snot from your nose while in a pool? Where does that snot go? I’m a believer in the power of Chlorine, but I’m pretty certain it doesn’t obliterate snot. The stuff just floats there, merging with gallons of spit, the hair, the Band-Aid goo, the festering boils into one gigantic stew of disgust.

Thank God summer’s over.

4 thoughts on “Pools”

  1. do you know how many people will walk to the ocean and take a dump rather than walk to a bathroom?

    all that stuff is in the ocean, too.

  2. And all the kazillion animals that live in the ocean — eating, crapping, dying, decaying. Plus all the stuff humans dump in there. True, it’s ginormous and dilution is everything. But still.

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