Before 9.11

Today is 9.11, and I feel heavy. Cried during the names reading. Thinking back a lot to being in the city at that time. The smoke. The air. The posters of the missing. The worst time of my life, without question. Nightmares, nightmares, nightmares.

This photo is from 1994. I was the editor of my student newspaper, The Review. Someone pointed it out today, and it reminded me of a time when life was easy and innocent, and my primary worries were the paper, my college girlfriend and graduating.

Sometimes I long for that ease …


PS: Not trying to brag, but a lot of future journalism stars in that photo. Google ’em—Brian Hickey, Greg Orlando, Chuck Creekmur, Laura Fasbach, Adrienne Mand, Rob Wherry, Dennis O’Brien (RIP), Matt O’Donnell, Michael Lewis, M. Tye Comer, Melanie Mannarino, Tracy Largay. Etc … etc.