So I caught the above ad on Facebook, and it made me laugh. The woman in the photo is Donna Massaro, my friend and former classmate at Mahopac High School. She is the owner of the Freight House Cafe, my favorite joint to write (but, sadly, too far away to go to every day).

Nutella. Weird substance. Huge in Europe, invisible in America. Why? I guess because, while we patriots are fat and unhealthy and filled with chemicals we wouldn’t feed our dog, we also don’t cross the line of chocolate breakfast spread. Which isn’t much of a line at all, compared to the crap companies place in cereal boxes.

I ate some Nutella during our Spanish house swap, and I’m far from sold. Too gooey. Too thick. Way too sweet.

That said, this sounds like a fun event. My money’s on Donna.