Breaking the fast

I first met The Wife in 1999. We were married in 2002. Good move on my part.

Thanks to The Wife, I’ve got two wonderful kids, a dog named Norma, two cars, a house, a cell phone and my own guitar.

What I’ve gained most from our union, however, is her Aunt Barbara’s annual post-Yom Kippur break fast. Which, I must say, is the greatest singular event in the history of mankind. Aunt Barbara only lives a couple of miles away from us, which means we see her pretty regularly. She’s a wonderful woman with two excellent daughter, four beautiful grandchildren and a decency I’ve long admired. It is the break fast, though, that makes Aunt Barbara the MVP of relatives.

In short, and as you can surely see from the above video, Aunt Barbara goes all out for this thing. Bagels, lox, salads, cookies, cakes, 10 different types of drinks. It kicks ass, and makes the horror that is Yom Kippur genuinely worthwhile.

Anyhow, I’m babbling. The woman hosting the above video is my sister-in-law, Jessica Guggenheimer.