Took off a few days from the ol’ blog. My apologies.

Return with some random thoughts. Nothing too deep:

• If the New Jersey Nets can snag Carmelo Anthony from Denver for No. 3 overall pick Derrick Favors, the expiring deals of Troy Murphy and Kris Humphries plus at least one future first-round pick, they’re money. Real money. Carmelo is a Top-five talent; a guy I’d want on my roster were I moving to a new location in the coming years. He’d be an ideal face of the Brooklyn [FILL IN THE BLANK WITH THEIR NEW NAME], and the thought of teaming Anthony with Brook Lopez and Devin Harris is pretty damn appealing.

• Love this, from Andrew Sullivan: “[Economic positives] might be a plausible argument if the Tea Party had offered any serious proposals to slash spending. But they haven’t. Until they do, my skepticism that there is no fiscal there there – just partisan and cultural hatred of Obama and multicultural America – will remain.

• Brandon Jacobs is supposedly unhappy and about to demand a trade from the Giants. My thought: Adios. Jacobs has been a moody whiner for the past two years, and his act is old. He’s a bruising, powerful back, but offers no shiftiness and is only a so-so blocker. If the Giants can get a third-round pick for him, it’d be terrific.

Christine O’Donnell will bow out of the Delaware Senate race within two weeks. Count on it.

• My World Series pick? Twins over Phillies in seven.

• Five movies I stop and watch if I catch them midway on TV: Titanic, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Cable Guy, Grease, Rudy.

• Two worst films I’ve ever seen: A.I. and Godzilla.

• Best job I’ve ever had: Used to sell cookies at the Great American Cookie Co. in the Jefferson Valley Mall. Come day’s end, we took home all the leftover product.

• Worst job I’ve ever had: Used to be one of those guys wandering the mall with a clipboard, asking people for 10 minutes to do a survey. Humiliating, and humbling.

• My lowest moment as a teenager: Took Christina Ruiz to the senior prom. Decided it’d be the night I’d finally, finally, finally kiss a girl. She was a sophomore, I was a senior. A bunch of us rented a limo, and on the way home I thought to myself, “OK, the limo will drop us all off at Jeff Goldberger’s house. I’ll drive her home, walk her to the door—boom! Streak over.” So the limo is driving us to Jeff’s house, and he notices we still have 30 minutes remaining on the rental. He says to the girls, “Do y’all want the limo to take you directly home? We still have the time?” Nooooooooooo! The limo takes Christina off into the night as I stand in Jeff’s driveway. Motivated, I get in my car and speed to her house, hoping to beat it there. I wait and wait and wait a few feet away from her driveway—never see the limo. It must have beaten me there. I never worked up the nerve to knock.