The idiot dolts say we didn’t need health care reform. The idiot dolts say government needs to stay out of our lives. The idiot dolts … are idiot dolts.

Here’s the headline I stumbled upon on NPR’s website: HEALTH INSURERS SKIRT NEW COVERAGE REQUIREMENT FOR KIDS

In case you’re wondering, today is the day part of Obama’s health care kicks in. One of the elements was that health insurance suppliers can no longer deny individual policies for kids (ages 19 and under) with a history of health problems. So what do Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, Humana and a bunch of other companies do? They drop all new children-only coverage before the effective day of the new mandate, thereby sidestepping the new requirements. Then they blame health reform as the cause.

Evil. Evil. Evil. Evil.

You know who I pity more than the kids who won’t be covered? The poor, rural white Americans who are out there screaming “Socialist!” at Obama while supporting a party/philosophy that directly contradicts their personal interests.