Finally, a book to save us all

Someone actually took the time to write this.

I still don’t understand Palin’s appeal. Looks? Maybe. Smarts? Definitely not. One-of-us appeal? I suppose. Experience? She quit her job as governor.

PS: My favorite part of this: The hack author gets the subject to blurb the book. Real professional.

2 thoughts on “Finally, a book to save us all”

  1. I think it is the appearance that she is “one of us” that appeals to so many people.

    Appearance is important too. In today’s world people tend to think that the best looking are the best.
    I have often said that possibly the best female rocker of all time would flop today. Janice Joplin just wasn’t much to look at.
    We want our heroes to be good lookin’.

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