Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ …

Back when I was a young kid, I’d endure my mother’s fascination with the oldies. Some song by Chubbie Checker or Frankie Avalon would come on the radio, and I’d pretty much have no choice but to listen. It’s not that my mom was especially into music—she wasn’t. But those old classics had a way of rubbing off on her.

I bring this up because, tonight, I feel old. Was just made aware of the above video, which features an old Kid and an old Play performing recently on the George Lopez Show. Forget the fact that, while in high school and college, I absolutely loved Kid ‘n Play. Forget that, in my mind, House Party remains a classic. What hurts is that:

A. They look so damn old.

B. Which means I’m so damn old.

C. Which means I’m my mother.

Literally, I know all the words to the above two songs. All of them. I even get the Johnny Gill reference, which would be impossible for anyone younger than, oh, 30. I recognize the goofy dance, understand the whole dress shirt-with-jeans look, grasp why my chronological peers in the audience seem to be going crazy.

Worst of all, we know where this leads. Don’t look now, but House Party III seems pretty darn inevitable.

3 thoughts on “Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ …”

  1. Actually Jeff, that would be House Part IV. I can understand the mistake though. House Party III, released in ’94, was highly forgettable.

  2. Yes unfortunately, we are getting old and turning into our parents. I was listening to Van Halen’s 1984 recently and said to myself “damn, this came out 26 YEARS AGO”

    That being said, I agree House Party was a classic!

    “fix me up one of those Dick Gregorys..”

  3. Why can’t they play musical instruments?
    Do they really need to make their hair stand straight up?
    Nobody wears sunglasses inside unless they’re doing drugs.
    If you wear a tie you need to wear slacks.

    OMG I sound like my mother……

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